Should You Hire a Social Media Liaison for Your Wedding?

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Should You Hire a Social Media Liaison for Your Wedding?

Photo: Karlisch Photography

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It seems like every aspect of a wedding is online now. The engagement is announced on Facebook and Instagram, the event is planned through Pinterest, and everything that goes wrong is vented about on Twitter. Though some brides and grooms choose to make sure their guests remain present throughout the day – or at least the ceremony – others embrace social media with hashtags and Snapchat geofilters, encouraging revelers to post about the occasion. However, the happy couple themselves tend not to post until they are sitting in the airport waiting to go on their honeymoon. While we certainly wouldn’t encourage a bride to be glued to her phone on the wedding day, we understand that for some people, it is important to share the festivities online right away. That’s why some engaged pairs have elected to hire a Social Media Liaison to document the celebration while the newlyweds enjoy it. 

These experts not only coordinate your posts on the day-of, but they can also be hired ahead of time to help you and your sweetheart pick the perfect wedding hashtag, as well as choose the perfect pictures and captions from your bridal shower and any other aspect of the process. After all, you probably have an image of how you want to look as a bride, as well as the aesthetics for your nuptials, right? Well these images live on through photography, and the bulk of your pictures will be seen by loved ones via social media. 

While such a vendor may not be for everyone – many people are trying to cut back on their social media usage, after all – there are certainly those who could benefit from the service. Anyone who has built an online following may appreciate the help to satiate those followers with up-to-the-minute wedding updates. Would you consider hiring a Social Media Liaison as you prepare for the big day? Let us know!

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Opening photo by Karlisch Photography