10 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Items From Your Wedding

They don't have to be one-time use items.

10 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Items From Your Wedding

Photo: Laurie Bailey Photography

With all the time and effort that goes into choosing your wedding décor, it’s really a shame that it’s all only for one night. But what if it didn’t have to be? We have shared ways you can preserve and display your bouquet and other florals, and of course you can – and should – showcase your photos from the big day in a variety of ways. However, there are many other items used throughout the celebration that can be repurposed in your home. While it’s unlikely you’ll have the space to utilize every piece that was featured throughout the wedding, there are still plenty of ways to have your home décor cause you to reflect on that special day for many years to come.  

how to repurpose wedding decor in your home

Photo by Laurie Bailey Photography; Planning & Design by Linda Howard Events

- Candles can be saved and reused, as can the candleholders. Pillar candles and votives look lovely on a mantle or bookshelf, while the tapered variety can make an ordinary meal at home romantic.
- A vase can showcase flowers on your dining room table for decades.
- Mason jars are the perfect glasses for a summer barbecue.
- A traditional guest book can sit on the coffee table, while any of the trendy, modern alternatives are suitable to be displayed in your home.
- Save a few of the linens from your reception to use for special occasions, such as holiday or anniversary signage. If you keep all of the napkins, you’ll never have to wash them again!
- Furniture from the lounge area could populate the living room of your new home. If that seems a bit much, perhaps just hold onto a throw pillow or two.
- Twinkle lights can be reused for the holiday season, and bistro lights will spruce up any backyard soirée. This is really true for any lanterns (paper or otherwise) as well.
- Displays for the dessert table can continue to show off sweet treats for your next fête.
- If you included succulents in your flower arrangements, there’s a decent chance they will survive to be planted in your yard.
- Chalkboards for signage can later be used as a calendar or to write up a grocery or to-do list.