One-of-a-Kind Table Numbers

Creative ideas for table numbers.

One-of-a-Kind Table Numbers

Photo: lunaphoto

In the age of Google maps and GPS, it’s hard to believe that wedding guests still depend on the good old-fashioned table number to help them find their seats at the reception, but they do. Many enterprising brides (and grooms of course) have recognized the creative potential held by these otherwise easily overlooked wedding necessities, and have gone beyond the pretty frame and fancy font to turn their table numbers into an expression of themselves as a couple. For some, that means having a crafty family member hand carve their table numbers out of wood. For others it means naming each table after a favorite bottle of wine or a cherished movie. It just proves that each detail of a wedding provides a new opportunity for inspiration and originality.

Robert T. Williams

Melissa Musgrove

Lawrence Crandall

Kristin Spencer

Lena Hyde

Opening photograph by lunaphoto