Playful, Themed Wedding Cakes to Add a Personal Touch

Check out these custom wedding cakes that can add sentimental value to any reception!

Playful, Themed Wedding Cakes to Add a Personal Touch

Photo: Vue Photography

No one would argue that a wedding is a rather formal affair, steeped in tradition and rules of etiquette dating back decades. However, as time has gone on, the nuptials of couples have become progressively more personalized. The weddings of today are chock-full of sentimental details, meaningful custom vows, and specific themes. One interesting aspect that has evolved into a malleable entity of your big day: the menu. Previously, the running wedding theme was to include three meal items – beef, chicken, or a vegetarian dish – that were typically accompanied by the same few sides. This practice is not necessarily standard in this day and age – check out these sophisticated and delicious dishes for guests with dietary restrictions – and the same can be said for dessert.

Long gone are the straightforward, all-white, minimally detailed wedding cakes of the past. Today’s confections feature intricate designs, towering tiers, a variety of exciting flavors, and, for some couples, they don’t even take the shape of a cake. Additionally, newlyweds are offering more than one confection to see their guests through the night – many couples are opting to provide a more traditional cake alongside a more playful, themed cake. Sometimes, these secondary desserts are considered groom’s cakes and feature a concept that the groom enjoys, while others are created in the style of something fun and unique that embodies the personalities of the newly married pair. If you’re considering incorporating this whimsical element into your reception, get inspired by the cakes below – all from real weddings

Photo by Karlisch Studio

Photo by Jerry Hayes Photography

Photo by Walters & Walters

Photo by Shawna Herring Photography

Photo by Vue Photograhy

Photo by Fred Marcus Photography

Photo by Jeff Tisman Photography

Photo by Thisbe Grace Photography

Photo by Michael Segal Photography

Photo by Thisbe Grace Photography

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