Liz Ruck was disappointed when her sister cancelled their plans one Saturday evening in Chicago. Luckily, her boyfriend, Joey Coleman, was ready to step in immediately as her dinner companion. “Joey said to dress nice and [he and I could] go to dinner,” Liz recalls. The pair decided to take a stroll through the park off of Michigan Avenue on their way to the restaurant. After walking the length of the park, Joey suddenly changed his mind and wanted to eat at a different place. “I thought he was acting strange, but [when] we turned around [to walk] back through the park, he got down on one knee and proposed!” tells Liz. “We [continued] walking – I still thought we were going to dinner – but he said he wanted to go to a local bar to get animal fries… I thought to myself: really?!” To her surprise, the two arrived at the bar to find their closest family and friends, ready to celebrate with them. “[Joey] bought all the food and drinks, and [he] even hired a photographer to take pictures,” the bride muses. “It was such a fun night!”

Being big on top-notch service, Liz and Joey carefully selected their wedding venue and each vendor with precision. “We made sure to get recommendations for all [vendors] and advice on who were the best in the industry,” Liz notes. “We had the dream team… I believe it.” After a year of planning, the bride felt she had gained invaluable knowledge about the intricate process that is coordinating nuptials. “There is a lot of leg work going into it… more than I ever even imagined; but it was all worth it!” For her, the large amount of effort that she invested was chiefly a labor of love. “[First and foremost,] I wanted it to be a special day for Joey and I; but also, a day that our guests would never forget!” she smiles.

Attendees gathered inside a gorgeous Presbyterian church for the ceremony. The towering walls housed opulent stained glass windows and traditional structured arches; additional décor was minimal, as the historical beauty of the space spoke for itself. Liz snapped sweet photos with her bridesmaids as they helped her into her fitted mermaid gown with a striking low, tulle skirt. Her closest ladies donned black, A-line garbs with beautiful notch necklines. Filled with nervous excitement, the women descended the aisle with regal poise, and Liz met her beloved at the altar – both ready to start the journey toward the rest of their lives. 

After the vows were made, the newlyweds took the time to have a photo shoot on a busy Chicago street. “There just so happened to be some workers on a cherry picker that allowed us to hop on for a ride,” the bride explains. “I was scared at first, but it was so fun! Carasco [our photographer] captured some amazing shots.” Liz and Joey took several lovely, sentimental pictures – a decision they are very happy they made. “[Our photographer] did not disappoint!” Liz exclaims. “I would recommend to everyone [to ensure] that you find a great photographer – pictures last a lifetime.”

The happy duo rejoined friends and relatives for their reception inside the elegant ballroom of a chic hotel. Both reveled in the splendor of their chosen location. “The room is [stunning] as it stands – lots of beautiful chandeliers and large gold-leafed pillars – so I planned to stick with a gold [color scheme], my favorite, and we did a lot of whites and very light blush colors for the flowers,” tells the bride. Tall glass vases brimming with ivory and champagne floral centerpieces intermixed with clear vessels holding similar blooms with light illuminating the arrangements from below complemented the regal motif of the tablescapes. When it came to the confection, Liz wanted to surprise her new husband with a special treat. “During planning, he mentioned he [wanted] Boston crème pie over [traditional] wedding cake, along with wanting his dog, Pebbles – a very hyper Jack Russell Terrier – to make an appearance,” she reveals. “I said no to both, but came up with the idea of having a cake made to look like Pebbles eating a Boston crème pie; he was in tears he was so shocked!”

As for any regrets upon reflection, Liz has only one. “[I’d] maybe extend the party longer – I don’t think anyone on the dance floor wanted to get off!” Party aspect aside, the day came together perfectly for the new Mr. and Mrs. “Overall, [it was] just a fun time all around for everyone,” Liz happily shares. “I am a people pleaser and wanted everyone to enjoy every moment.” With the support of their nearest and dearest, Liz and Joey started off married life with the bang of a confetti cannon.