"Propose" to Your Bridesmaids with This List of Items

What special things to include in your bridesmaid proposal box for your best ladies.

The venue in booked, the guest list is drawn out, and you’ve been doing extensive research on color schemes and unique décor items. What’s next? Well, if you’re about six to eight months out from your wedding, it’s time to select your wedding party!

Though not a necessary addition to your nuptials, incorporating bridesmaids and groomsmen into your “I dos” can be a fun bonding experience for you and your closest pals. In recent years, couples have taken it upon themselves not only to request the presence of their inner circle, but to “propose” to each of their bridal party members in one way or another. While this option is by no means required, for those with the creative energy, time, and willingness to put this together, why not send your ladies a box filled with items and sentiments?

Bridesmaid boxes are growing in popularity, but what should you include in these packages? Below, find a list of items we recommend including, as well as things we think you should leave out:

What to Include:

-   A sweet note. Explain why this box is coming to them! Some brides include a carefully crafted poem, but you can simply place a card with the question “Will you be my bridesmaid?” inside the box. If you’d like, adding certain fond memories or inside jokes to the note is a sentimental touch your friends will appreciate.

-   A first-aid or “emergency” kit. Providing your gals with a mini-survival package consisting of small wedding-day essentials is a fun and practical addition. Include items such as safety and bobby pins, pain-reliever pills, a stain-removal pen, etc. 

-   A few of their favorite sweets. If you’re able, subtly ask your friends what their favorite candies, cookies, or other treats are – perhaps you already know – and add small packages of those inside. Who doesn’t love a few bites of their favorite treat?

-   An item with their name displayed. Many brides like to include some kind of personalized vessel – water cups, coffee mugs, champagne flutes, etc. – in their proposal boxes. These are cute and practical; they can also be included in getting-ready photos the morning of the wedding! If not drinking vessels, perhaps consider purchasing small jewelry pieces.

-   A nail polish bottle. In all likelihood, you’ll know of at least one color each friend of yours likes – perhaps glance at their social media accounts for ideas – so the addition of a fresh nail polish hue is a thoughtful and useful item to include.

-   A miniature bottle of their favorite beverage. If you’re unaware of your gals’ favorite alcoholic drinks, it’s a good idea to include a small bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine. Other than that, throw in something you know your loved one adores to help them celebrate!

What Not to Include:

-   A pre-nuptial itinerary. Besides the wedding date and perhaps the rehearsal dinner, you shouldn’t be scheduling pre-wedding events yourself. Leave the organization of any later bridal showers and your bachelorette party up to your ‘maids! Additionally, try not to plan a single day for bridesmaid dress shopping ahead of time – contact your girls directly to see what date/time works for them, or simply let them go on their own time. 

-   Only items with “bridesmaid” denoted. If you’ve personalized all of your bridesmaids’ gifts with the word, they really won’t have much use for it in the future. It’s considerate to customize your items with your friends’ names in order for them to utilize the presents for years to come.

-   Anything too costly. Keep in mind that you don’t need to break the bank with these boxes – you’re likely paying for your wedding as well! What’s more, many brides also provide small gifts on the day of the wedding, so spacing these items out is a smart move.

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Opening photo by Aaron and Jillian Photography

Authored by: Megan Simpson