Pros and Cons: Black & White Themed Wedding

What to consider if you're contemplating this two-schemed palette for your celebration.

Pros and Cons: Black & White Themed Wedding

Photo: Kortnee Kate

Nothing illustrates a classic look quite like black and white. These two colors have gone hand in hand for ages and continue to make an appearance in contemporary weddings. The bride and groom traditionally wear these colors, but some couples decide they want both hues to star in all aspects of their wedding.

Though these are common colors for such a special occasion, this palette is not for everyone. In case you’ve thought about having a black-and-white wedding, consider the following pros and cons to help you decide if this is your perfect choice.

Black and white wedding in ohio sequin linens white flowers

Photo by Kortnee Kate; Planning & Design by Viva Bella Events

Pros of a Black-and-White Palette:

- It is both simple and sophisticated. Both black and white can easily be dressed up or dressed down. They are easy colors to find and to work with, regardless if your nuptials are extravagant or modest. Unlike some other hues or trendy patterns, black and white are great choices if you desire something clean, easily attainable, and elegant all at the same time.

- It pairs well with many different themes. Whether you’re planning an Old World, modern, or whimsical wedding, black-and-white is always a go-to scheme. Even if you want to add a pop of color to your palette, black and white can easily be offset by a separate hue and still complement your desired theme nicely.

- It is uncomplicated. If you are not too creative with colors or have a hard time searching for a specific shade, a black-and-white combination can be a solution. 

Cons of a Black-and-White Palette:

- It is a straightforward combination. If you want your wedding décor to pop with color and unique aspects, black and white is obviously the opposite of what you seek. The two colors can definitely be incorporated into other punchy-toned palettes, but alone, they are fairly typical.

- It could be too simple for you. This is a universal pair of colors. If you seek a never-before-seen collection of hues for your celebration, black and white might not be your best option.

- You might not like that much black or white in your wedding. You might find that there is just too much of one of these colors and a monochromatic look is not what you desire. Maybe black is too dark for your taste, or maybe white is too plain for your special day.

Whether or not you decide to pursue a black-and-white wedding, keep in mind that colors are not the only way to make or break the look of your event. Your palette is one among many other aspects that bring the theme together, so stay true to your taste and the overall vision of your magical day.

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