Q&A with Newly Rebranded Photography Studio The Day

We had a few questions for the team formerly known as Ira Lippke Studios.

Started by photographer Ira Lippke over 20 years ago, the photography studio has now expanded to include other photographers and filmmakers who capture the beautiful aesthetic Lippke's couples love.

Photo: The Day by Ira Lippke

For those following photography team Ira Lippke Studios on your favorite social media channels, you may have noticed a recent change in their business name to The Day. Started by photographer Ira Lippke over 20 years ago, the photography studio has now expanded to include other photographers and filmmakers who capture the beautiful aesthetic Lippke's couples love. 

Many lovebirds who have hired the studio to capture the emotion and details of their wedding celebration on camera have been featured in the pages of Inside Weddings. Readers may remember this New York City fête, Chudney Ross' Hawaiian destination wedding, and this Turks & Caicos beach wedding, all photographed by The Day team, formerly known as Ira Lippke Studios, and planned by Mindy Weiss Party Consultants

To help brides and grooms learn more about The Day, discover why the business name was changed, and take a look into their unique photography perspective, we've compiled a Q&A with the collective below!

Black and white photo of bride looking out window balcony wedding photos

Photo by The Day

IW: What prompted you to change your business name to The Day?
The Day: We changed our name largely because we have evolved and expanded so much since Ira founded Ira Lippke Studios over 20 years ago. In the beginning, Ira was shooting on his own, but now there are, in total, seven artists who make this collective complete. We have five talented photographers and two filmmakers who all deserve a brand that puts them first and displays their work in the most beautiful way possible. The Day provides a wider spotlight to illuminate the talents of our whole team.

Perhaps most importantly, though, The Day turns the focus back on the couple and their relationship. We consider what we do to be like a window, looking into the day through the vision of the artist. Ultimately, our purpose in documenting a wedding is to use elegant imagery to tell the story of two people joining their lives together in a unique love, and capturing the memories of that day that will stand the test of time.

IW: What services do you offer that may differ from that of other photographers?
The Day: We think that the energy and spirit that we bring into these events is unique. We are a calming and encouraging presence that doesn’t turn the day into a stressful commercial photo shoot. In order to create our natural – yet aesthetically rich – imagery, we blend the methods of photojournalism and editorial fashion to capture real moments and make elegant photos.

We leverage our vision and experience to be in the right place at the right time, and will give direction when it’s needed – but most importantly, we want to showcase what the day really felt like. We aim for every photo to capture a natural moment. From beginning to end in the wedding process – whether it be that first phone call a couple makes to our studio, to the actual photographing of the wedding, to our custom, handmade albums and artisan prints, or the beautiful feature each bride and groom gets on our Journal – our focus is on the couple and their loved ones. We want everyone to have a personal experience with us that is fulfilling at every turn.

IW: Who is The Day couple?
The Day: The Day couple trusts us to tell their story through our lens, so to speak; they want a natural, timeless style of photography that does not get lost in passing trends. They have discerning taste and, most importantly, are excited to be making a commitment to each other. Each pair has their own personality and expresses their love in different ways, but when they believe in our vision and style, we can do what we do best.

IW: What's your photography philosophy on the wedding day?
The Day: We really aim to photograph with truth and artistry. The deep relationships and emotion that are on full display at a wedding make it unique from any other day. We believe that when human connections are documented in an honest and beautiful way, the most memorable photographs are made. Ultimately, we want our images to be completely timeless, and a reminder of the love and joy of that day. We get so swept up in the beauty and what our couples are experiencing – it’s an honor to share that with them. It enriches our own lives and, we think, makes us better photographers and filmmakers.

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