Sentimental Gift Ideas for Mothers on Your Wedding Day

In honor of Mother's Day, browse sweet ideas on what to give the mothers of the bride and groom.

Sentimental Gift Ideas for Mothers on Your Wedding Day

Photo: Jared Platt Photography

Mother’s Day often makes us stop and reflect on the influential women in our lives. It’s an important reminder to appreciate our female caregivers and the ladies that helped shape the kind of person we are today. Over the course of wedding planning, it is easy to get lost in the details and, from time to time, lose focus on the true meaning of this day: to celebrate love. So, why not celebrate all whom you love at your event? We’ve complied a list of some of our favorite items perfect for brides and grooms to gift their mothers on the day they exchange vows.

-  Personalized jewelry. There are so many sweet and sentimental pieces of jewelry available to be customized these days. Everything from necklaces to rings to hair accessories can be engraved with a special message. You can also order new jewelry pieces with personal details, such as a pendant that includes birthstones or a family picture. These are memories that moms can wear!

-  A big, comfy blanket and matching throw pillows. Give the moms something snuggle worthy to represent your love and appreciation for them. Use the color scheme or concept of their living room as a jumping-off point, make sure they have enough space on or near the couch, and browse away! Every time she cozies up to watch television or read, she’ll be reminded of your happy day and your lasting bond.

-  A custom, updated family tree. Spend some time at an arts-and-crafts store – or order from professionals online – and create a new family tree that includes you and your beloved as a married couple. You can customize it to fit mom’s personality, whether she’d prefer a regal, refined piece or a creative, colorful work of art.

-  A sentimental scrapbook. Gather up old family pictures to include in a booklet of memories for your mother. You can add quotes, captions, and artful touches to make it a wonderfully nostalgic gift. You can even include pictures from other family weddings over the years to theme your scrapbook.

-  Her favorite scent in a personalized bottle. If your mom has a favorite perfume or a certain floral scent she enjoys, why not bottle it up and present it to her with a label made specifically for her? If you’re particularly tech-savvy, you can use certain applications to design a label with her name or a sweet message. You can either stick the label onto an existing perfume bottle, or find your own glass in a craft store to pour a mixture into. There are even websites that allow you to create your own custom scent!

-  A warm cashmere robe. Similar to a blanket, putting on a warm robe is not unlike getting a big hug from a loved one. Select her favorite color and embroider her name or initials onto the robe for an extra personal touch. She’ll never want to take it off!

-  Monogrammed slippers. In addition to the robe, help mom keep her feet toasty with custom bath slippers featuring a coordinating color palette and a monogram of her initials.

-  A basket of bath products. If your mother’s method of relaxation includes a warm bath, gift her with products that will help her to unwind even further – from bath bombs to bath salts, even a copy of a good book! Additionally, bath items are also available to be customized – like the perfume, you’re able to create your own!

-  A relaxing weekend away. Plan a miniature vacation for mom that you know she’ll enjoy! Depending on her preference, you can arrange a few days at a wonderful spa, a hiking trip on her favorite mountain, or even a day full of scheduled activities she has been dying to try. The best part is: you can join her! It’s a lovely way to decompress in the aftermath of the wedding and it can be a way to strengthen your bond even further.  

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Opening photo by Jared Platt Photography