Should You Have Guests RSVP to Your Wedding Online?

Learn more about the modern option for your invitations.

Read on to help you figure out what is the right choice for the RSVPs for your big day.

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Receiving responses to your wedding invitation can be the most frustrating aspect of wedding planning, so it’s no wonder that brides and grooms may do everything they can to make it easier for guests to RSVP. As a result, some people have started having their invitees submit their responses online, usually via the wedding website. In some circles, this is seen as a logical step with maximum convenience, while others aren’t so sure it’s the right thing to do. Certainly, as with just about any decision regarding your wedding, there are both pros and cons. Read on to help you figure out what is the right choice for the RSVPs for your big day. 

should you do online rsvps or paper response cards for your wedding?

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- It saves money and paper. While you may include a smaller card to indicate the website invitees should use to RSVP, you won’t need an additional envelope or stamps.

- No need to wait for the mail. Prospective guests are notorious for not responding on time, and while that trend can continue with online responses, at least you won’t have to wait for their RSVP to get through the postal service!

- Attendees can’t add their own guests. We’ve all heard horror stories about people adding their own plus ones to a response card, but most online RSVP trackers allow you to write in the exact number of guests so no one can be added.

- It’s easier to track responses. Websites that have online RSVPs will record who has responded, rather than the paper method where you will have to record it via your own spreadsheet or list. 


Some guests might find it too informal. Those who are sticklers for tradition may feel it is improper to only have an online option. Some people choose to offer both online and paper RSVPs, but that of course negates the ability to save on stamps and paper.

Out of sight, out of mind. Without the physical response cards, some people might forget to RSVP if they don’t instantly know whether or not they can attend. 

May be inaccessible for some guests. Older invitees or those without regular computer access might have a difficult time sending their response. One solution is to also include your phone number. 

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