Should You Provide Transportation for Your Wedding Guests?

It's not necessary for every wedding, but it might be for yours.

Technically, you are never required to offer transportation to your guests, but it is a way to go the extra mile and it is always appreciated.

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As stressful as wedding planning can be, many aspects can be fun to organize and daydream about. Transportation for your guests, on the other hand, is not usually one of these tasks. Even picking your own getaway vehicle can be fun, but thinking about shuttles is more of a necessary evil. Of course, not every celebration requires booking transportation for your attendees. An all-inclusive destination wedding, or even a ceremony and reception at a city hotel, will leave most guests steps from the celebration. 

do you need to provide transportation for your wedding guests?

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Technically, you are never required to offer transportation to your guests, but it is a way to go the extra mile and it is always appreciated – as long as it is done well. If a large portion of your friends and family will be flying in, a shuttle service between the lodging with a hotel block and the event site can really simplify travel for everyone. To really make an impression, look into rental options, such as a vintage trolley or a double-decker bus to bring everyone from point A to point B. 

For arriving to the ceremony or reception, you should have options for early birds and those who are running a little late. As much as you may hope everyone stays to dance all night long, keep in mind that older guests or those with young children may have to depart soon after the cake is cut. 

Aside from safety and carefully reading your contract to lessen the risks of a driver showing up late, one of the most important things when providing a ride for your guests is communication. Use your invitation inserts or wedding websites to make sure people know they will have the option to use a shuttle service, or whichever method of transportation you choose to hire. You wouldn’t want someone to invest in a rental car only to find out it was largely unnecessary! Including a full schedule and itinerary in the welcome bags will help prevent guests from missing a bus or waiting in the wrong spot. 

If you are not able to offer transportation, or it seems unnecessary given your venue, you should still provide information for your guests. They will need to know if there is ample parking should they choose to drive, whether or not there is a valet service, or if there is a fee for parking. Local public transportation can be a good option, but likely will need a quick explanation for out-of-towners. With the popularity of ride-sharing apps, some couples procure discount codes for revelers to use, ensuring everyone gets home safe after using the open bar.