Everything Your Guests Need to Know Before the Wedding

This information will help your attendees celebrate the big day.

One of the easiest and most popular ways to provide intel for your nearest and dearest is by creating a wedding website. Find out what you need to share to make sure everyone is prepared!

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The last thing you want to deal with when in the midst of wedding planning are pestering questions from your guests. Though inquiries from loved ones can be understandably frustrating when you’re already stressed from organizing one of the biggest days of your life, it is important not to take it out on those you care enough about to invite to this special day. Not to mention there are actually quite a few bits of information that are crucial for your attendees to have. Perhaps having an idea of what queries will be raised will help the questions be less overwhelming.

One of the easiest and most popular ways to provide intel for your nearest and dearest is by creating a wedding website. With the amount of customizable options available in the current day and age, you can even create a space for frequently asked questions – saving everyone time. While there is sure to be more that guests may want to know about the big day, the below is likely the minimum of what they actually need to know. In other words, this information is useful without giving away any surprises your celebration may feature.

Find out what your wedding guests will need to know in order to have all of the information to attend confidently:

Wedding Website URL

It doesn’t matter how many frequently asked wedding-guest questions you answer on your website if no one can find it! The most common places to include a link to your wedding website are on your save the dates and on an insert within your wedding invitation suite.  

Dress Code

No one likes to feel out of place at an event, so having a guide on what to wear can be very helpful. Noting appropriate footwear – particularly if your nuptials are outdoors – can also come in handy. If you're having trouble deciding, find out how to decide on a dress code for your wedding.


Is there a shuttle? Complimentary valet parking? Your guests will need to know how they're going to get to each wedding event – especially if the ceremony and reception will be held at different venues. Out-of-town guests may also need to know where the nearest airport is, particularly if you are not getting married in a large, metropolitan area.

Wedding Itinerary

Obviously everyone needs to know when the ceremony starts, but the reception time is useful as well, especially if there is a time gap that attendees will need to fill on their own. 
If there's a welcome party or a morning-after brunch – or any other event you choose to have outside of the ceremony and reception – your guests will need to know this as well.

Gift Registry

Though it’s not proper to put on your wedding invitation, people will want to know where you’re registered. You can include this on your website as well as have your parents and wedding party pass it along through word of mouth, so you don't feel gift-grabby.

Room Block Information

In addition to sharing which hotel room blocks you have set up for your wedding, you'll also have to share the details on when they expire. Not everyone will be able to make their travel plans right away, so it’s important to ensure all of your guests not only know which hotels have room blocks, but also when the reservation cut-off dates are.