Wedding Details That Don't Go Unnoticed by Guests

Small, but meaningful, ways to make an impression.

Wedding Details That Don't Go Unnoticed by Guests

Photo: Hugh Forte

small details that your wedding guests will love

When trying to decide on the priorities for a wedding, especially in regards to the enjoyment of your guests, it’s the smaller details that are tossed aside first. However, you should choose these seemingly minor aspects carefully, as sometimes the things that seem small to a bride can have a large impact on your friends and family. As much as the wedding is about the celebration of love between you and your future spouse, it’s also about the people you choose to share that love with. Small touches that show you care about your attendees' comfort can make a big difference in how they remember the day.

Below are eight seemingly small aspects of your nuptials that can make a sizeable difference to your attendees, from start to finish.

- A wedding website with all of the information. You don’t have to spend hours choosing the perfect theme, but a website that conveys the address of the venue, easy-to-follow directions, accommodation options, the itinerary, the dress code, and more will simplify planning for your guests.
- Out-of-towners will appreciate seeing a welcome bag full of snacks, hangover cures, schedules, and other goodies when they arrive to their hotel room.
- A well-structured day, with no gaps between the ceremony and reception and no delays due to someone running late, keeps people from growing impatient.
- Thoughtful table assignments so guests can sit with whom they know, or at least those with whom they are compatible. You don’t need a full seating chart dictating the exact chair, but knowing what table to go to removes the awkwardness of feeling like the new kid in the cafeteria who doesn’t know where to sit.
- A variety of food is always appreciated, especially by those with dietary restrictions. You may have dinner covered, but don’t forget about cocktail hour!
- Don’t have too many people at one table; everyone should have room to use their fork, as well as somewhere to put their bread and butter.
- Your guests are aware that the day is about your love, and it’s heartwarming to see newlyweds enjoying their special day. So get on the dance floor and don’t be afraid of a little family-friendly PDA.
- Genuine thank-you notes that specify the gift that was given both assures your nearest and dearest that you received their present, but also that it was appreciated. 

Discover six of the top complaints from guests and how to make sure they are comfortable. 

Opening photo by Hugh Forte; Bridal Gown by Romona Keveža; Planning & Design by Tessa Lyn Events

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