How to Spend Enough Time with Your Spouse at the Wedding

Make sure you get to enjoy quality time with your sweetheart on the day about your love.

Here are five ways to guarantee time with your spouse at the wedding reception.

Photo: Erika Delgado Photography

Everyone says your wedding goes by like a flash; that after so much planning, the day is over before you know it. This makes sense, considering how many things there are to do and how many people there are to talk to. Many couples report that so many of their guests want to chat and catch up that they end up hardly spending any time together at the wedding!

While you certainly have the rest of your life to spend time with your new spouse, it is certainly fair to want to be with your beloved on the day the two of you are celebrating your love for each other. While you should be sure to get some face time with all your friends and family that made time to attend your nuptials, we also want to provide some advice to keep you and your sweetheart from being separated the whole night.

how to make sure you spend enough time with your husband or wife at your wedding

Photo by Erika Delgado

Here are five ways to guarantee time with your spouse at the wedding reception:

- Have a “first look” so you are able to enjoy the cocktail hour. Use that time to interact with as many guests as you can.
- Sit at a sweetheart table so the two of you can spend time alone while you eat dinner. It’s hard to get a full meal at your own wedding, so do so while the guests are distracted with their food!
- Use every slow song as an opportunity to dance with your new spouse, and include each other when spending time with your friends.
- If your husband or wife doesn’t like to dance, slip away from the reception for a few minutes, either to take more photos or simply to soak it all in.
- Skip the after-party; you’re already going to be exhausted by the festivities, so you should have at least some of your wedding night to enjoy as newlyweds – even if it’s just taking a few minutes to relax and discuss how the day went.

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