Should You Tell People Your Wedding Date?

Discover who might need to know before you send out save the dates.

“When’s the date?” That’s the most common question couples hear when they share the news that they are engaged.

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“When’s the date?” That’s the most common question couples hear when they share the news that they are engaged. Usually it’s so soon after the proposal that the sweethearts have barely thought about what season they want to tie the knot in. Then, when the dust settles and a venue has been booked with a finalized date, people tend to stop asking. 

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Obviously, if you choose to send save the dates, guests will eventually be notified that way, or at the very least through the formal invitation. However, there are some people you’ll want to tell to block of the calendars long before then. Not only should your parents and immediate family members know when the big day will be from the start, but you might even need to confirm the date is okay before you finalize it. After all, they are likely going to be a fairly important part of the celebration. If you choose to have a bridal party, it’s best to inform them of the date when you ask them, that way prospective bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other attendants can make an informed decision. If there is anyone in your life that you know has a difficult schedule and it’s very important to you that they are able to attend your wedding, giving them a head’s up can be beneficiary as well. 

It should go without saying that your vendors will need to know the date too. Even the ones who won’t be there in person! Deadlines may be set, but if your calligrapher is overbooked or is faced with an emergency, knowing which clients have wiggle room and which don’t is necessary. If your boss won’t be invited, but you’re taking time off, as much notice as you can provide will make things go more smoothly at work. 

Beyond that, you can largely wait until save the dates are sent, however feel free to share the news with other guests. It is a good idea to not volunteer the information to folks who you are not certain will be invited, as they might make assumptions if you tell them the date.