10 Subtle Ways to Incorporate Your "Something Blue"

Want to follow tradition, but blue isn't your color? Here are some understated ideas.

10 Subtle Ways to Incorporate Your "Something Blue"

Photo: Melissa Mermin, Chris + Lynn, Lauren Brown, Milanes, Jessica Lewis

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is traditional wedding rhyme dating back to 19th-century England. Even when not concerned about warding off the “evil eye,” many brides still have fun incorporating old, new, borrowed, and blue items into their wedding-day looks. “Something blue” is usually the most difficult of the four pieces, especially if blue isn’t part of your color scheme.

For a subtle way to include blue in your wedding ensemble, take a look at the below ideas, all from real weddings! Click your favorite images to learn more about each celebration!

"Something Blue" Bouquet
Now this technique does depend on whether or not you consider the bouquet as part of your wedding outfit. But if you do, there are plenty of options for you.

butterfly brooch bouquet wedding something blue

Adding a brooch to your bouquet is a good way to add some personality to your floral arrangement, and a brooch with blue gems works double duty to give you a subtle "something blue." Photo by Chris + Lynn Photographers

rosary wedding bouquet something blue

For a more traditional religious ceremony, adding a rosary with blue beading to your bouquet brings in the color without drawing too much attention to it. Photo by Jessica Lewis Photography

wedding bouquet monogram something blue
Make your “something blue” personal by adding a ribbon to your bouquet, monogrammed in a romantic shade of blue. Photo by Karlisch Studio

"Something Blue" Lingerie
This is probably the easiest way to wear something blue without allowing the hue to overtake your outfit – because it will be under your dress! Lingerie in a shade of blue is a great choice for a bride who wants to add some spice to this classic tradition.

wedding garter belt lingerie something blue

Garters have long been the traditional choice for a bride’s “something blue” item, but it’s a classic for a reason! Hidden until the garter toss, you can go with anything from an all-blue garter to a simple light blue stone embellishment. Photo by Lauren Brown Photography

wedding lingerie just married something blue
At the end of the day, a wedding is really about you and your spouse, right? So blue lingerie is the perfect little surprise for your wedding night. Your “something blue” still counts even if you’re the only one who knows it’s there! Photo by Melissa Mermin | Love Stories

"Something Blue" Jewelry
A pretty option for bringing blue into your wedding-day look, blue gemstones also give a modern bride a different look than the classic diamonds or pearls.

sapphire engagement ring wedding band something blue
If you happen to have a received a sapphire engagement ring, then your work is already done! Enjoy wearing your “something blue” in a way that won't conflict with your theme, as everyone is used to seeing you wear your ring. Photo by Handeland Tesoro Photography

something blue topaz aquamarine jewelry bedazzled wedding

Sapphires are the expected choice for blue jewelry, but aquamarine, blue topaz, or another pale blue gemstone will blend in smoothly with your wedding-day look. Photo by Dalal Photography

"Something Blue" Shoes
In recent years, wearing blue shoes has become a popular way for brides to wear “something blue” on their wedding days. But if you feel that the hue clashes too much with your wedding look, there are still some clever ways to sneak blue into your footwear.

“I do” stickers on the soles of heels are a fun and light-hearted detail that many brides are choosing to include. Selecting blue decals is an easy way to incorporate blue into your outfit! Photo by Milanés Photography 

If that’s still too visible for your taste, selecting wedding shoes with a blue lining (or even having it added in) is the ultimate way to hide your “something blue” – just remember to have your photographer snap a great shoe photoPhoto by Donna Newman Photography

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