Warmth and romance hallmarked the wedding of Jennifer Miscione and Hanz Radlein, despite freezing temperatures and a wintry setting.

The couple, who first met in Miami and currently reside in Laguna Beach, California, surprised even themselves with the venue selection, a legendary five-star ski resort nestled in the mountains of Deer Valley, Utah. “I’m originally from Jamaica and lived in Miami before meeting Jennifer,” says Hanz, “so a wedding in a snowstorm was not remotely on my list of wedding destinations.” However, it provided the storybook setting and cozy feeling the couple desired on their special day. “We wanted to be somewhere remote where we could enjoy time away with family and close friends,” relays the bride.

The vow exchange took place out of doors, on the wooden balcony of a luxurious mountain lodge in the heart of winter; a powdery peak blanketed in snow provided an awe-inspiring backdrop. “Select an outdoor venue for the wedding and you won’t have to spend as much on accessories and flowers,” advises the bride. “Let nature do the work for you.” In lieu of chairs, wooden benches were topped with fur blankets for guests to stay warm and snug during the outdoor ceremony, adding to the celebration’s intimate feel.

Hanz and Jennifer were in mutual agreement in their desire to keep the guest list small, at just 30 guests. “Neither of us liked the idea of having 200+ attendees,” explains the groom. “Yes, it’s great seeing everyone you know but there is no way you can spend meaningful time with everyone. Our wedding allowed us to dance, talk and have a really great time with everyone.”

As snow began to fall, a choir sang as a resplendent Jennifer strolled down the aisle, which had been covered in a sea of stunning alabaster petals. She wore a billowing white gown with a fitted bodice accented with silver embroidery. A white pashmina was draped elegantly upon her shoulders and in her hands she carried a bouquet of winter-white blossoms. “She looked amazing,” recalls the groom of seeing his bride for the first time. “She was so worried that I wouldn’t like the dress that she started to get me worried, but thankfully it was for all naught because she looked amazing.”

The same officiant who wed the bride’s sister and husband performed the ceremony. “I really loved exchanging our vows,” reminiscences the groom. “At the end of the day nothing mattered beyond that moment in time – it’s the commitment that we wanted to make to each other that made that day possible.”

As snowflakes tumbled from the sky, the bride and groom were delighted to see that their guests were equally awestruck by the unplanned but magical setting for the vow exchange. “It was as if it were a movie,” remarks the groom.

Following the ceremony, as snowfall subsided but continued ever so slightly, a horse-drawn sleigh escorted the newly married bride and groom to the reception. 

The room where the reception was held was bathed in the glow of endless white candles, as they lined both the mantles and the tables where a seated multi-course dinner was enjoyed. While there was no set color scheme, the bride desired a warm palette of whites contrasted by rich colors. “We wanted it to be classic and simple but luxurious at the same time,” she explains. Flower arrangements in deep crimson tones accented by wintergreens were purposefully kept low as not to interfere with conversation.

As a sweet finish, a multi-tiered wedding cake swathed in layers of snowy icing was enjoyed by all.

When asked if there is anything they would change about their enchanted day, both bride and groom are in agreement: “Not one thing.” Says the groom, “Everyone tells us that they experienced a once-in-a-lifetime wedding and they love the fact that they had the opportunity to really experience this important day with us.”