Spring Has Sprung: 12 Floral Centerpieces for Your Wedding

View these fresh floral arrangements that would be perfect for any springtime reception.

Spring is here again! If you're planning your big day for this season, bright colors and sweet smells are likely on your mind. Here are some ideas for centerpiece designs.

Photo: Collin Pierson Photography

Spring is here again! While we start packing our winter coats into the back of the closet and begin dusting off our playful dresses, we want to feel the freshness of the new season in every aspect of our lives. If you're planning your big day for spring, bright colors and sweet smells are likely on your mind.

Selecting the right bouquets and floral arrangements for your event space can be a tricky process; often, you'd like everything to coordinate well without "matching" too much, which can be made more difficult for springtime weddings. Brides- and grooms-to-be may believe that a ceremony during this season will mean that their perennial concept is set in stone; however, innovation can be found practically everywhere if you look for it. 

These 12 lovely centerpieces from real weddings feature different blooms and other trimmings perfect for any spring reception – whether you prefer your colorful blossoms to tower over revelers' heads or you'd like a more simple cluster of flowers to accent your understated motif, there is a springtime centerpiece for every sense of style. View the inspiring bunches below to give you ideas for your own nuptials! We promise that each one will put an extra "spring" in your step.

For a look of disorganized, chaotic beauty, consider this grand arrangement that bursts forth with light-hued blooms. Photo by Christian Oth Studio

If you want to combine man-made structuring with an organic perennial concept, look no further than this stunning arrangement. Photo by Dalal Photography

To stick with a more classically springtime feel, this ivory and blush arrangement – featuring delicate butterflies – will be perfect for your reception. Photo by KT Merry Photography; Floral Design by The Design Studio at The Breakers

Impress your guests with this multi-flower, overflowing centerpiece with a variety of striking spring hues on each table. Photo by Meg Perotti

For events that fall in late spring and early summer, you might consider combining elements from both seasons in your arrangements – such as this centerpiece featuring bright florals and white coral. Photo by Steve Steinhardt

As a play on the traditional spring bloom, these blush tulips were fully submerged into long glass vases brimming with water. Photo Karen French Photography

Incorporate an organically verdant forest motif into your reception with smaller blossoms on long branches set in clear vessels. Photo by Christine Bentley Photography

Keep a spring concept into the night with these versatile clusters featuring darker, yet still striking, perennials with a moss-covered base. Photo by Callaway Gable; Consulting by Sterling Engagements

Make your centerpiece modern and simple with pure white flowers jetting off of green stems standing tall above attendees' heads. Photo by KT Merry Photography; Floral Design by The Design Studio at The Breakers

Give your friends and family the feeling that they're walking into an enchanted glen with these bold-colored buds climbing up driftwood. Photo by Sarah Tew Photography

For a classic spring concept with a new-age twist, try utilizing a bright array flowers arranged in an interesting geometric shape. Photo by Bob & Dawn Davis Photography; Consulting by Mindy Weiss Party Consultants; Invitations & Calligraphy by Lehr and Black; Linens by Revelry Event Designers

For an opulent bridal look, select perennials in shades of white and ivory and adorn the arrangement with hanging crystals to give the cluster dimension. Photo by Vanessa Joy Photography

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