The Cleverist Ceremony Seating Ideas

Unique seating arrangements we love for ceremonies.

The Cleverist Ceremony Seating Ideas

Photo: Asgeir Bollason

Personalizing your wedding ceremony can extend to your seating, and we're not just talking about the chairs. There are many creative alternatives to the typical "theatre style" configuration, so consider your options before going with the norm. The “in-the-round" style of seating allows on-lookers to surround the ceremony from all sides, while snaking your aisle rather than running it straight up the middle gives the view of your nuptials a unique touch. You can also forgo predictable chairs altogether and impress friends and loved ones with unique furniture, such as padded benches and cushioned couches. Take a look at a few real-life examples of unique seating plans and see if you're inspired to mix up the vista of your own “I dos.”

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John Solano

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Opening photograph by Asgeir Bollason