The First 9 Thoughts You'll Have Upon Your Engagement

What's going to run through your head when you realize the proposal is in progress!

The First 9 Thoughts You'll Have Upon Your Engagement

Photo: Jamie Levine Photography

You’ve woken up from a deep night’s sleep to see your partner on bended knee at the foot of your bed. You’ve both climbed to the peak of a scenic mountain on a hike when your sweetheart tells you to turn around. You’re having a huge party with all your closest friends, and your beloved asks you to join them on stage. Some people see the popped question coming from miles away, while others are completely floored by the surprise – either way, there’s nothing quite like that feeling when you realize you’re about to get engaged. No matter the style, location, or level of intimacy, each proposal is incredibly special. There have been brides and grooms who confess that they totally blacked out in the middle, forgetting the words they said – or what was said to them – or even putting the ring on that one finger. Despite the temporary paralysis, your mind is still working! When your partner gets on bended knee and your brain is processing the experience, you often goes through a list of quick thoughts that immediately pop into your head:

“Is this happening?” For whatever reason, our first thought is typically to question the legitimacy of the moment. Perhaps this is to protect us from getting over excited, in case he’s simply tying his shoe or asking you to look at something funny on his phone.

“Oh – it is!” This is the pinnacle thought – what a moment!

“I want to remember what’s being said so badly!” Through the tears and nervous/happy laughter, you’re going to try and focus in on the sentiments being expressed, which can be extremely difficult when you’re also preoccupied with letting the realization sink in. Hopefully, the speech will be short and sweet – just try and listen for key phrases!

“People are seeing this happen!” Of course, this is only applicable if your sweetie chose a public or semi-public venue in which to pop the question. If you’re alone on that mountaintop, you might be thinking, I wonder if anyone is going to come up the trail and spot us. Hopefully, the thought of an audience won’t deter your joy in the moment.

“I wonder what the ring looks like.” If your beloved is still on bended knee, holding the closed ring box in plain sight, there might be a part of you that wants to peek inside before the speech is over. The good news? You’ll be laying your eyes on it in a few moments, so enjoy the words before the sparkler!

“I’m going to have to call…” It begins. Perhaps the most overlooked portion of wedding coordination is the very first step: letting people know that you’re engaged! If you’re an inherent planner, you’ll start going over the list of friends and family – in the correct order – that you want to notify.

“If it’s April now, and I’ll need around 11 months to plan…” And you’re off. While you can’t officially begin any kind of solid planning in these few moments, thoughts of venues, color schemes, dress styles, and maybe even a spending limit might find their way into your mind. You may have even had some of these options in mind for months, maybe years! Resist the urge to go over that list.

“Oh, I have to answer.” Here you are: the question itself. Hopefully, you can form the words. If not, a vigorous nod has worked wonders for many!

“I am so happy!” You’ve said “yes,” the ring is on, and you’re in a tight embrace. What an incredible feeling.

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Opening photo by Jamie Levine Photography