The Juiciest Color Palette for Spring

The luscious look of green apple and lavender.

The Juiciest Color Palette for Spring

Photo: Carol Weinberg

A lavender and green apple color palette adds a natural springtime brightness to any occasion. But the jovial combination is appropriate for events taking place during any season. With a touch of silver or white, it can easily fit into a winter celebration. Add a hint of sky blue for a lovely summery effect. Take a look at our inspiration board and decide if this delightful duo is right for your gorgeous event.

Photo Credits: Danny Weiss Photograhy: table scape, candles; Yitzhak Dalal Photograhy: ceremony, bouquet, outdoor lounge, flower girl; Hoffmann Photographers: place cards, top row bridesmaids, asparagus and grape arrangement, boutonniere; Luna Photo: right column bridesmaids, green apples; Gruber Photographers: lavender sprig.

Opening photograph by Carol Weinberg