The Perks of Postponing a Family After the Wedding

Read about the benefits of taking some time after your nuptials to enjoy life as a couple.

The Perks of Postponing a Family After the Wedding

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Though roles have shifted significantly in modern times, for many young newlyweds, there is an expectation – typically from older generations – that they complete the traditional cycle of love, marriage, and babies. Fortunately, today’s engaged or married pairs have more freedom than ever before: many decide that having children simply isn’t the right choice for them, some elect to adopt, and more and more duos choose to wait awhile after “I do” to start a family.

The decision to have kids is something you and your partner have likely already discussed – and if you have not, you need to – as it is important that you two are on the same page. If you’re still mulling over your many options, we put together a short list of benefits pertaining to postponing having children for a few years after your big day – though this is not the right choice for everyone.

Further financial stabilization. As so many know – and so many will discover – children are expensive. Before they arrive, you want to make sure you’re providing them with the most stable home possible. Typically, the longer you chip away at your desired career path, the more you will be able to earn. If both you and your spouse concentrate some post-nuptial energy on work, chances are, you’ll be able to give your kids all they require, as well as put some money aside for their college fund.

Getting to know each other’s future parenting styles. Taking advantage of this time you have to yourselves, you can devise a lot about how your partner might be with your future children. This is especially advantageous if you were not previously living together before marriage, but it can also work well if you shared a household as well. Throughout your engagement, you were likely focused on planning the wedding and now that it’s passed, you can devote more time to planning a family. Take the time to discuss your expectations on child rearing with your beloved.

Creating and executing a “cradle list.” This is an exciting time for you and your sweetheart; you should jump at any opportunity for adventure. Sit down with your partner and devise a “cradle list.” Much like a “bucket list,” this is a collection of certain things you’d like to do before you have kids. Many couples include traveling to dream locations, attempting certain stunts, and much more. If there are activities and trips you’d like to commit to, but you know having a child in tow would make them difficult or impossible, this newlywed period is the perfect time to get to them! The best part? Getting to experience it all with the love of your life!

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