13 Wedding Movies to Get You in the Planning Mood

These films about the big day will help put things in perspective.

Here is a list of our favorite wedding movies – let us know if we missed yours!

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the best wedding movies to watch while planning

Weddings – and all the planning that goes into them – tend to be dramatic affairs. No wonder they’re such a popular setting for movies! Of course, due to the need for plot twists and compelling narratives, the nuptials that occur, or are hoping to occur, in these films tend to not be for the best. Many of the popular movies with weddings at their center shouldn’t necessarily be inspirational for the relationships between the engaged couples – but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun for brides-to-be to watch them to enjoy the décor and dresses while passing the time during envelope stuffing! These films can also be fun to watch for bonding get-togethers with your bridesmaids, or even with your future spouse to show that those playful bridezilla accusations are unfounded. 

You don’t have to be secretly harboring feelings for your best friend or ex, nor do you have to worry about the threat posed by your attractive wedding planner, in order to enjoy these films. As movies are often meant as a form of escapism, perhaps they will help you see perspective and realize that your own planning troubles or family drama isn’t so bad!

Below is a list of our favorite wedding movies – let us know if we missed yours!

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