The Pros and Cons of Getting Married in Your Hometown

Discover if this choice is right for you.

A good middle ground can be returning to your hometown for the big day. Of course, as with nearly all wedding decisions, there are both pros and cons to this idea.

Locations & Venues
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Once engaged, one of the first things a couple needs to decide while wedding planning is where they want to get married! Decades ago, most people had a tendency to remain in the area where they grew up. While that’s still pretty common today, changes in education and job markets have many more people moving to a big city when they reach adulthood. Your adopted home is likely where you met your future spouse, and can make for a great location to tie the knot for that reason – in addition to convenience. Those who want the celebration of their nuptials to last the whole weekend may prefer a destination wedding, but faraway locations are not always practical. A good middle ground can be returning to your hometown for the big day. Of course, as with nearly all wedding decisions, there are both pros and cons to this idea: 

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- The nostalgia factor. If you’ve been dreaming of your wedding since childhood, now you have the chance to actually use the venue from your scrapbooks. You also get to show off your hometown to college friends, coworkers, and more.

- Increase your comfort level. Wedding planning is stressful and the big day can make you nervous no matter how excited you are to marry the love of your life. Spending the last few days in a familiar place – perhaps even sleeping in your childhood home – can help you feel relaxed.

- Trusted vendors. Finding the perfect caterer is less of a hassle when you already know the best restaurant and bakery in town. 


- Might seem less exciting. After moving to a big city, your hometown might seem too quaint by comparison. If you didn’t grow up in a tourist destination, perhaps it doesn’t feel like the site of a fun weekend away for your friends.

- Choose between sides. Unless you and your beloved grew up in the same area, you’ll have to decide whose hometown gets the honor of hosting your wedding. It will also likely mean that one family will have to travel while the others get to stay in their own homes.

- Fewer options. Assuming your hometown is smaller than where you currently live, there are probably fewer options in terms of vendors, venues, and more.

For more wedding planning ideas, find out how to prepare for an at-home wedding and what you need to ask before booking a venue.

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