The Pros & Cons of Having a Brunch Wedding

The perks and drawbacks of hosting your nuptials in the morning.

The Pros & Cons of Having a Brunch Wedding

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So many couples strive to make sure their wedding is unique. Though there are many ways to achieve this goal, one method is by forgoing the standard Saturday evening wedding – instead opting to celebrate your nuptials with brunch. The in-between meal doesn’t just have to be a fun way to meet up with your girlfriends, it can also commemorate the happiest day of your life. Of course, there are downsides to the idea as well. Certainly the atmosphere for the celebration might not be the same as nighttime receptions, and brides hoping to bust a move on the dance floor may find such a party to be lacking. We’ve detailed the positives and negatives of hosting a brunch wedding below; read on to find out whether a morning vow exchange is right for you.


-   There will be breakfast food galore! If you and your partner are big fans of pancakes, egg dishes, and crispy bacon, this time period would be idyllic for your nuptials. You can serve up an entire menu of early-morning goodies either in a classic buffet style or even as a sit-down meal. Remember – just because it isn’t an evening affair doesn’t mean it cannot be the embodiment of sophistication. See one of our favorite brunch celebrations here.

-   You and your sweetie will get ample downtime afterward. Instead of taking off your high heels as you slump into the car, ready to crash as soon as your head hits the pillow, you can meander home leisurely and enjoy a lovely afternoon and evening with your new spouse. This is the perfect solution to those couples who aren’t looking for a lively party, and would rather spend their post-wedding period relaxing at home or wandering the town with their sweetheart.

-   Brunch weddings are typically less expensive. Venues often charge less for a morning event. With a little extra money in your pocket, you can invest more heavily in other areas of your special day, such as décor, cuisine, and even your honeymoon. Figure out what is most important to you and your guests and use your surplus to design your dream fête.


-   It will be hard to fill the dance floor. Even if the mimosas are flowing, guests may not feel as inclined to dance the early afternoon away. If you’ve always imagined jumping around with your college friends to your favorite tune, an evening reception may be more your style. 

-   Less time spent with friends and family. After the wedding, loved ones are likely to either start their travels home or find local activities to take part in. Morning nuptials typically pair with a reception that lasts until around 2PM – not nearly as long as after-dark celebrations that have revelers partying into the wee hours of the morning. 

-   You’ll be up at the crack of dawn. With hair and makeup, as well as “first look” and other portraits photos, brides usually have to set their alarms fairly early in the morning. If your ceremony is six hours earlier than average, that doesn’t leave much time for precious beauty sleep.

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