The Top 3 Videography Styles & How to Choose the Right One

What you need to know about wedding videography and the different techniques used by event videographers.

When looking for a videographer for your wedding, seek a professional who believes that to educate a bride is to give her strength, understanding, and appreciation.

Photo: Gina & Ryan Photography

When looking for a videographer for your wedding, seek a professional who believes that to educate a bride is to give her strength, understanding, and appreciation. During this search, you will discover many terms or statements that you may not be familiar with. Once you, as the client, have a clear understanding of them, you will be better able to enjoy your wedding and take control of that expanding budget.

Journalistic is a hot term, but what does it truly mean to you? Journalistic is basically described as not set–up, hands-off, or capturing a moment as it naturally happens. What it means to you and your wedding day is “with no direction.” Each wedding day takes on a flow or a pace of its own. You are very likely not going to capture important memories if you do not specify and plan for them. Have this conversation with your professional videographer and make sure they are able to blend the “must-have memories” with the video-journalism. If you want true journalism, have multiple cameras at different locations so that you will not miss a thing.

Journalistic can also mean one thing for the videographer and quite another for the photographer. The typical wedding is directed by the photographer, so he or she can capture specific formal shots, while the videographer captures moments as they happen, with no direction. With the ability of stills from video, this type of coverage allows the videographer to set up the formals, while the photographer takes the true journalistic position. The reason this type of coverage works so well is due to the videographer's ability to edit or manipulate the video in different ways and it allows for more creativity with the photographer. It takes a very experienced videographer to take the lead and a photographer that is very comfortable with their ability and willing to give up their assumed control.

My next favorite term is unobtrusive. Most assume this means not seen, no uncomfortable lights, or big cameras. What it means to you is, “Capture me in by best light without turning my wedding into a film set.” This one is the hardest characteristic to accomplish well. This can only be done with long lens professional cameras, inconspicuous and discreet lighting, and very experienced camera operators. The most significant factor is the true ability to work as a polite and friendly guest at your wedding, while capturing the event in style. It also requires professional respect for the photographer and other vendors.

When looking at video demonstrations, pay attention to the lighting. Where is the light coming from? Do you see other cameras or photographers in the video? Lights and non-guests are signals of obtrusiveness. An example of a major intrusion is the small moving camera with a bright light following the bride down the aisle – yes, during the ceremony!

Artistic is like beauty – it is in the eye of the beholder. Believe it or not, it doesn’t only mean stylish, new, or different. Artistic is the ability to be inventive, creative, and imaginative all at once. It is finding ways to appropriately define, identify, and represent your wedding so that it meets your expectations. The professional will always possess an inventive use of tools, a complete creative palette, and a formal knowledge of the context in which his craft is being captured and viewed.

Lastly, it is important to realize that there are two sides to videography: capturing the memories at the event and editing the footage afterwards. Each area is a profession in its own right. The camera work that you enjoy the day of is typically one cost and the post work or editing is another. Be aware that it takes time to properly edit your event. The amount of time and costs depend on the type of editing you desire. Take the effort to educate yourself about the wedding and event industry. This knowledge will give you the understanding of what you really want and the appreciation of what is required to meet your specific needs.

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