15+ Songs for Your Wedding Highlight Reel

Find the perfect wedding video songs and wedding trailer songs for this keepsake.

Even if the filmmaker plans to choose the tunes for your wedding video highlights, generally they will allow you to make suggestions if you have some favorites. Here are some of the best wedding video songs!

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Once the wedding day is over and you’ve returned from your honeymoon, it may seem like all the wedding planning decisions are done. However, if you have a videographer (which we highly recommend), you may be asked to select a song or two for the soundtrack to your highlight video. Even if the filmmaker plans to choose the tunes for your wedding videos, generally they will allow you to make suggestions if you have some favorites. Couples may have their first dance song play out with their wedding video, or it could be a chance to showcase a love song that didn’t make the cut.

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Depending on how long your wedding video is, you may want to include a slower melody for the wedding ceremony (think: "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri or another song couples choose for their walks down the aisle) and a more upbeat wedding video song to play during the wedding reception footage. To help you with the selection process, we’ve gathered together five wedding video songs in three categories – something for couples who want their video to be as classic and traditional as their wedding ceremony, tunes for those who prefer their soundtrack to represent when their nuptials occurred with something popular and modern, and lesser-known melodies for newlyweds who showcased their unique personalities on their big day and want their highlight video to do the same.

Take a listen below to these wedding video songs for 2021 and beyond wedding video highlights!

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Classic Wedding Video Songs

Popular Wedding Video Songs

Unique Wedding Video Songs

If none of the songs above are of interest, consider some other popular tunes that may be the perfect song for your wedding video music. Many couples love "Feel So Close" - Calvin Harris, "In Your Eyes" - Peter Gabriel, "Loving You Is Easy" - Sarah McLachlan, "Better Together" - Jack Johnson, "Marry Me" - Train, and so on. The song that will be perfect for a wedding video is 100% up to you and your beloved – just make sure to choose a song that you'll both always love, as you'll be watching your wedding video for years to come.

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