The Best Music Ideas for Your Wedding Video Songs

Find the perfect soundtrack for your highlight reel.

From classic oldies to modern hits, discover wedding video songs that you and your beloved will love.

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One of the most common wedding-day regrets is not hiring a videographer. While pictures are priceless, having moving images from the day so you can see your loved ones in action is a valuable addition to help keep your wedding in your memory. Though wedding videos can be quite pricey, like photography, couples rarely regret having a wedding video made. Just as with any movie, choosing a suitable soundtrack for your video is of the utmost importance. Music captures the mood and spirit of the occasion in a way nothing else can – and it's also an opportunity to incorporate any video songs that didn't make the wedding song cut.

If picking a first dance song or a finding a melody for your walk down the aisle was one of the hardest parts of wedding planning, you may prefer to have your videographer select the song ideas to play in the background. However, if you have strong opinions about the music involved in your big day, making suggestions for your video songs could be a better choice for you. Some people simply use the same tracks featured in their ceremony or first dance for the wedding video, but as we mentioned, having a wedding video made can also be an opportunity to highlight melodies that didn’t make the cut on your wedding day.

Like your wedding day, the wedding video song choices and music can help honor your love story. While most wedding videos have a highlight version with just one or a few songs included, the longer version of your wedding video provides even more opportunities to feature music and songs that fit the mood of the day. Love songs are always a favorite choice, but if you have one song in mind that's a bit quirky but loved by you both (and again, didn't quite fit into the wedding day), the wedding video is the place to let it shine.

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While many couples likely have a number of songs they wanted for their first dance or wedding processional that didn't make the cut, wedding video songs for the best wedding cut provide an incredible opportunity to share your musical tastes. After all of the planning of your wedding songs, it may feel like just one more task on your to-do list to choose wedding video songs, but like your wedding day, the music selection is key! Many grooms confirm that planning the wedding playlist for the songs wedding guests listen to throughout the celebration was one of their favorite parts of the planning process, so check in with your groom to see if he wants to share song ideas you both will love. 

From classic oldies to modern hits, here are some of our suggestions for wedding video songs that we know you'll love. They may or may not be songs on wedding movie soundtracks, but they can certainly create the soundtrack of your wedding day.

If you're still not sure if any of these wedding video songs are a fit for your wedding video, browse more of the entertainment ideas we have on From a song for wedding ceremony processionals, to love songs for your cocktail hour or dinner reception, to some of the best wedding music, you'll surely be inspired to find one or more songs you love. For more ideas related to wedding songs, find out if you should have a band or a DJ for your reception and get ideas for your ceremony music.