Tips for Edible Wedding Favors

It's the most recommended kind of favor, but you still want to do it right.

Experts agree that if a couple does elect to provide favors for their attendees, something edible is the way to go.

Photo: Aevitas Weddings

One of the first things a bride-to-be learns when beginning to research wedding planning is that many people feel favors are now an unnecessary detail. The average guest has no desire for a trinket with your monogram and wedding date engraved on it. However, experts agree that if a couple does elect to provide favors for their attendees, something edible is the way to go. After all, if you eat a wedding favor it can’t clutter up your junk drawer!  Providing a snack or sweet treat that can be enjoyed after the festivities or during travels home will always be appreciated… provided you go about it the right way. Certainly your primary focus should be on the catering at your reception, but food always leaves an impression. You don’t want to last association of your big day to be unpleasant.

Imagine attending someone’s lavish celebration where you take home a small treat as the favor only to find that it is stale. How disappointing that would be! To prevent that from happening at your big day, you’ll have to either pick something that won’t go bad or be willing to purchase or prepare it during the last minute. Candy is a great option for checking this off your to-do list ahead of time, as most will stay in good condition for months as long as everything is store properly. Honey never expires, as long as it’s not flavored, and cute little jars of honey can be a darling and useful favor. Keep in mind seasonal availability for certain treats as well. Even if you know something will stay fresh, guests might be suspicious of a favor for your spring wedding that they know is only available for purchase in the fall.

When you plan the menu for your reception, you (hopefully) keep in mind the dietary restrictions of your guests. Providing options for loved ones who have allergies, intolerances, or are vegetarian/vegan is important so that everyone gets a full meal. This should apply to your favors as well. If there are too many restrictions to pick one item for everyone, it is worth having a few options so that everyone feels respected and included.

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