Using Pinterest Effectively to Plan Your Nuptials

Tips on how to use – not abuse – online inspiration boards while designing your day.

Using Pinterest Effectively to Plan Your Nuptials

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Photo: Asher Gardner Photography

When it comes to designing your special day, taking help where you need it – and where you can get it – is important. Seeing as you shouldn’t bog down your nearest and dearest with countless questions and requests for their opinions, finding support and a place to gain ideas can be a marvelous thing. Many contemporary couples are using online inspiration boards such as Pinterest to fill that role for them; however, there are more than a few wrong ways to utilize such sites. In the list below, we’ve outlined how you can take advantage of Pinterest to act as a helpful resource in organizing your nuptials – and how to avoid misusing it.

-  Your ensembles. Whether it be a beautiful wedding gown, some colorful tuxedos, or the cutest flower girl dress, you’ll find plenty of wedding outfit inspiration on these boards. However, it’s important to remain grounded while doing your research. You may find a dreamy frock on Pinterest, but we don’t recommend purchasing it online, sight unseen. Instead, save your favorites to your phone before you go shopping in person – it will help the salon staff understand your unique taste and you’ll get to see how the dress looks on you – and not the bride or model wearing it online. If you find a specific outfit that you want to try on, you can search for salons near you that carry the dress before booking any appointments!

-  Your venue. We’ve all come across inspiring and breathtaking photos of a location online and thought to ourselves: Where is this? I need to book a trip! This inkling can get even stronger when we’re researching potential wedding venues. But keep in mind: that beautiful wedding deep in the forest looks chic and stylish because an expert designer was hired to conceptualize the space. Some pictures on Pinterest are from real weddings, but there are also a high number of photos from styled shoots or faux weddings designed by professionals for inspiration purposes (they're great for amassing unique and trendy ideas!). Instead of focusing on how the venue looks all dressed up, try using it for ideas on what kind of backdrop you’d like. Breathe in the inspiration from that downtown rooftop wedding and do a little digging to find a similar place within your budget and geographic limitations.

-  Your color scheme. Flipping through Pinterest can be a great way to see color combinations work for formal events that you may never have considered before. Photos on these boards can help you decide what coordinates well and what doesn’t. Pro tip: though previously thought of as clashing hues, the mixture of navy and blush is becoming incredibly trendy in the wedding world. 

-  Your details. If you feel like you’re coming up short when it comes to décor, there’s a wealth of ideas waiting for you on the photo-sharing boards. But, fair warning: it’s easy to get sucked into the adorable DIY (do it yourself) details you’ll find. Pinterest glorifies the DIY wedding, and while it seems appealing, taking on the task of making your own, well, everything, can be an incredible strain on your time – and, despite what you may believe, your money as well. The DIY options are often advertised as less expensive, but that isn’t always the case, especially if you’re planning on hosting a moderate or large guest list. Instead of drowning in crafts and projects, pick out specific items – a funky dessert table setup or those geometric escort cards – that you think will work with your motif and look into what it will take. This is a great time to speak with your planner about the minutia of your nuptials.

-  Your honeymoon. Remember those idyllic locales we mentioned? They could also be playing host to you and your new spouse after your vow exchange! Travel pictures are abundant on Pinterest, so if you’re at an impasse with your sweetie on where to jet off to on your honeymoon, flip through some inspirational snapshots online to give you destination and hotel recommendations. However, be sure to keep your wedding season in mind: those beach photos may look amazing, but the skies likely aren’t that clear year-round!

-  A helpful hint: Share your wedding Pinterest boards with your planner, florist, and caterer so that they can get a better idea on the elements you’d like to include!

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