Watch Hilarious Newlyweds Tell Their Story "Drunk History"-Style

This might be the funniest reenactment of a couple's love story ever!

Watch Hilarious Newlyweds Tell Their Story "Drunk History"-Style

Photo: Heather Waraksa

File this under awesome trends we hope take off soon: couples retelling the story of how they met, Drunk History-style.

Newlyweds Justin Willman (who is the host of the Food Network's Cupcake Wars) and Jillian Sipkins didn't want to waste time at their wedding reception telling their relationship story, so they created a video of themselves sharing the hilarious story of how they met, created in the style of the Comedy Central show Drunk History, to play at their rehearsal dinner. Just like on the show, they poured a few drinks and sat down to tell the story, with actors portraying them and lip syncing their narration. 

Watch the video above, posted on YouTube Monday, to see a slightly tipsy, completely charming reenactment of how Justin and Jillian first saw each other when Jillian was photographing Justin's magic act, and how they reconnected a year later through Instagram.

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