Wedding Guests Film Music Video During Reception in One Take!

Watch the newlyweds lead their guests in an epic lip sync and dance-off.

Wedding Guests Film Music Video During Reception in One Take!

Photo: B & G Photography

Want to make your wedding guests feel like rock stars? Cast them in a music video!

That's what one newlywed couple, Robert and Teresa Ly, did at their wedding in Orlando, Florida. Towards the end of the reception, their 250 guests were informed that they would be shooting a music video and were given instructions in just 10 minutes. The camera followed Robert and Teresa as they danced around the room, surrounded by their guests, and lip synched songs including "Love Is an Open Door," "Anaconda," "Uptown Funk," "Gangnam Style," and for the finale, "Thinking Out Loud." The nearly eight-minute long video was filmed in a single take!

The video, posted on YouTube last week, has been viewed over one million times! Watch the entire music video above. 

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