Ways to Personalize Your Wedding with Unique Details

How to make your big day your own.

Here are some tips that will help you decide which part of your special day is the easiest to add your personal stamp.

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Photo: Chard Photo

The biggest trend in weddings nowadays is one that’s likely to last for quite a while: personalization. Nearly every couple wants to make sure their big day has at least one aspect that represents who they are as a couple, a unique touch that their guests haven’t seen a million times at other weddings. Of course, the flipside is that as much as personal details are more popular, the modern world makes it more difficult to achieve. With everyone seeing wedding pictures of their acquaintances' weddings on Facebook, along with inspiration photos on Pinterest and Instagram, an idea that other people are unfamiliar with is harder than ever to attain.

Here are some tips that will help you decide which part of your special day is the easiest to add your personal stamp:

Save the Dates
They are typically less formal than your invitation suite, so you’re free to have some fun with the design. As long as all of the pertinent information is conveyed, you’re golden. 

Ceremony Music
Unless you truly have esoteric taste, it’s unlikely that no other bride has ever walked down the aisle to whichever song you pick, but it’s still a chance to showcase your personality or interests. Gather ideas for your processional here.

Table Numbers
Instead of numbers, name each table after something that is related to you and your beloved – whether it’s a hobby you share, places you’ve traveled to, or an idea that only you could think of.

Cake Topper
If an exact replica of you and your sweetheart isn’t your style, you can have figurines of your favorite pop culture couple, or even a laser-cut quote that speaks to the two of you.

Personal Monogram
Design or hire someone to create a personal crest to use throughout your stationery and other décor pieces. You can even continue to utilize the creation in the home you and your new spouse build together.

Color Palette
Though you should ultimately go with an aesthetic that speaks to you, choosing a less common color scheme will help your wedding day stand out from the crowd.