What a Bride Should Not Post on Social Media

Not everything needs to be shared with your friends and followers!

What a Bride Should Not Post on Social Media

Photo: KingenSmith

what you shouldn't share on social media

Announcing your engagement on social media can be an exciting moment. Even if you aren’t fond of attention, being able to read the comments is easier than being swarmed with good wishes and questions when you share the news in person.

Once the wedding occurs, you’ll likely want to share a selection of your beautiful photos on your social media profiles. But what about those moments between your engagement and your vow exchange? It’s generally agreed that posting constantly about the planning might perturb those on your friends list – especially if they are not invited to the big day – but it’s also about the quality of what you share, not just the quantity.

Below is a list of various moments during your time going from bride-to-be to wife that you should not be posting online… at least not on an account with your name attached to it. 

- Your registry information. Though it is completely acceptable to include this on your wedding website, your registry is something that should not be shared unless you are asked. If someone asked online, you should only provide it via private message, not a public post.
-Dress shopping or a fitting. A post proclaiming you “said yes to the dress” if fine, but you don’t want to have any photos of you in your dress online before the big day – especially when it doesn’t fit properly yet!
- Any complaints. A vendor not calling you back, your second cousin failing to RSVP, or a bridesmaid not participating in the activities you hoped she would… just because it’s about your wedding doesn’t mean it is any more acceptable to air your dirty laundry online than it is under normal circumstances. Save your frustrations for venting sessions with your future spouse.
- The guest list. This should be self-explanatory, but unless you’re inviting literally every single person you are friends with or who follows you on social media, you should not be sharing information about the guest list online. In fact, even if you are inviting everyone you know, it’s still probably a better idea to leave this unposted.
- The wedding night. Avoid anything that’s TMI. This goes for the honeymoon as well – stick to the travel adventures, not the bedroom ones.

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Opening photo by Kingensmith