What Not to Do for a Winter Wedding

Some things to keep in mind for nuptials hosted in the colder months.

We’ve put together a list of common mistakes for winter nuptials. Though they’re easy mishaps to make, they are equally easy to avoid as long as you know to do so!

Photo: Vue Photography

Winter weddings can be romantic and beautiful, but there’s no denying that there can be extra levels of planning involved when the weather is a factor. Sure, almost everyone already knows that there should be a backup plan for outdoor celebrations no matter what the season is, but that’s not the only way that wintertime can affect your wedding. As some of the below issues are specific to the colder season, such concerns aren’t on the average checklist for wedding planning and may easily slip past the notice of winter brides. That’s why we’ve put together a list of common mistakes for winter nuptials. Though they’re easy mishaps to make, they are equally easy to avoid as long as you know to do so!winter wedding planning mistakes to avoid
Photo by Vue Photography

- Forgoing investing in wedding insurance. Remember Phoebe and Mike’s wedding in Friends? While of course they still managed to have a lovely ceremony, wedding insurance would have allowed them to get their money back and perhaps host a full celebration when there was not a blizzard. For those whose wedding is not an episode on television, roads closed because of snow could mean that no one, including the couple, is able to get to the venue. 

- Not including winter items in your emergency kit. While you’ll still want to supply the ordinary products, such as ibuprofen, bandages, and floss, items like hand warmers are a nice touch as well. You likely already want tissues on hand for when emotions run high, but spring for the lotion-infused varities, so runny noses from the cold don’t turn red from irritation. 

- Choosing seasonally inappropriate attire for you and your bridal party. This may not be the time for knee-length chiffon dresses for your ladies, and you may want sleeves for your own gown. Offer pashminas to keep everyone warm while still having the look you want once everyone is inside. A second pair of shoes can also be important for outdoor pictures, especially if you’re donning satin heels that will be ruined by rain or snow.  

- Skipping out on the “first look.” Because it gets darker earlier in the colder months, you and your new spouse will not have as much time for outdoor photos after your ceremony. If not seeing each other until you walk down the aisle is important to you, embrace the indoors for your portraits. 

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