The Best Honeymoon Locations for Fall and Winter Weddings

Escape the cold weather by traveling to these locales.

The Best Honeymoon Locations for Fall and Winter Weddings

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best honeymoon destinations for fall and winter weddings

Picking a wedding date usually involves venue availability, schedules, and when a couple gets engaged. Sometimes the date is also based on a bride or groom’s long-held desire to have their nuptials during a certain season. While spring and summer may be the most popular seasons for weddings, fall and winter have their own romantic charms and are often specifically selected by the couple.

One thing people frequently forget when choosing their wedding date, however, is how it can affect their honeymoon. Sure, some newlyweds choose to postpone their honeymoons, but the majority still would prefer to jet off to a faraway location within days of the reception. This means weather has to be taken into consideration, which is why we’ve asked Tom Marchant of Black Tomato, a luxury travel company, to share his thoughts on the best honeymoon locations for each of the fall and winter months. 


Ladakh, India - Explore a different side of India as you venture up into the Himalayan highlands of Ladakh where guests can find peace visiting monasteries and local villages, as well as trekking and rafting through the amazing landscapes. 

Greek Islands - For a truly romantic Mediterranean beach escape, Black Tomato's favorite Greek Islands are Santorini and Mykonos, where you can dip into the crystal clear waters and taste your way around the islands sampling the local flavors.


South Africa - Nature lovers should head to South Africa during the month of October, where on the south coast around the town of Hermanus it is whale season. From the blissful retreat of Birkenhead House, honeymooners can spot pods of whales from their beds.

Peru - Peru makes for a fascinating honeymoon for those looking to uncover ancient cultures and incredible ruins in stunning locations such as Machu Picchu and villages of the Sacred Valley. Combine Peru with Ecuador and newlyweds can enjoy sailing through the Galapagos Islands spotting the fascinating endemic wildlife.  


Argentina - Known for its passionate tangos, wine, and cuisine, Argentina is a feast for the eyes and senses – making it the perfect destination for a romantic honeymoon. Starting in chic Buenos Aires, travelers should explore Mendoza where they’ll taste their way through the vineyards before trekking though the lake districts and glaciers of Patagonia. 

The Seychelles & Myanmar - For an Indian beach retreat like no other, lovebirds can escape to the islands of the Seychelles that offer private island bliss for honeymooners. Myanmar offers intrepid couples a chance to step into the unknown and uncover this spiritual nation still untouched by mass tourism.


New Zealand - New Zealand, with its sprawling vineyards, incredible mountainous scenery, and cozy lodges makes for an unforgettable luxury honeymoon. The unique Hapuku Lodge allows guests to hole up in luxury tree houses; from here guests can fly over the ocean in a helicopter to spot whales and dolphins from the sky. 

Antigua - For the ultimate indulgent beach break, honeymooners can head to the idyllic island of Antigua where they can relax at Jumby Bay, set on its own private island. 

Namibia - For honeymooners seeking an unusual safari adventure and otherworldly landscapes, Namibia is a truly spell-binding destination that offers guests the chance to dune buggy through the desert landscapes spotting rare desert-adapted lions and visiting local communities along the way.


Rajasthan, India - India is great for a romantic honeymoon escape as it’s the perfect mix of vibrancy and serenity. Relax and unwind in the beautiful palaces of Jaipur and Udaipur or explore Delhi, with some of Black Tomato's best local guides who can show you the local cultural side to this fascinating city. For the ultimate bucket list checkmark, look forward to watching wild tigers prowl in the thick jungle of Pench.

Australia - For honeymooners looking for variety in their adventure, Australia is the perfect destination. Newlyweds can explore lush rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef of Queensland, sleep under the stars of the outback under the shadow of Ayres Rock, or simply soak up the local beach vibe of Sydney.

South Africa - Also great during October (see above), January is the perfect time to head off on a luxury honeymoon to South Africa as the weather is beautiful on the coast and the crowds from the holiday season have dispersed. Couples can enjoy the first few nights unwinding in winelands of Franschhoek before driving to Cape Town to explore its art and gourmet offerings. From here, the lovebirds will fly up to Kruger National Park to enjoy a traditional safari at Chitwa Chitwa lodge.


Sri Lanka and the Maldives - To suit both honeymooners’ needs and interests, Sri Lanka & the Maldives is often the perfect combination for a luxurious escape that offers so much more than just beach time. Starting in Sri Lanka, sweethearts can explore the stunning colonial city of Galle on the south coast, as well as the verdant tea country and local communities that are best explored by hiking or bike. After Sri Lanka, the couple will fly to the Maldives where they can rest up at some island retreats such as Maalifushi, where besides lying on the stunning beaches, guests can heli-surf and swim with whale sharks. 

Thailand - Known for its friendly locals and beautiful landscapes, Thailand is a great option for February honeymoons. Start in Bangkok, which is a bustling city full of cutting-edge design and rich Buddhist culture. Black Tomato will arrange for newlyweds to have exclusive access to some off-the-radar temples and explore the night markets by bike – a truly local experience. Then island hop across the southern part of the country taking in favorite island destinations such as Koh Samui and Koh Phi Phi.

Costa Rica - For honeymooners looking something a little different, Costa Rica is a destination full of diverse locales, allowing them to traverse through the densest rainforest one day and relax on white sandy beaches the next. With expert guides at hand, travelers will get off the beaten path and explore teeming rainforests packed with wildlife. For those looking for an adrenaline rush, guests can white-water raft through the jungle to reach a secluded lodge in the middle of the rainforest for some rest and relaxation.

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