What to Write in a Wedding Card

It's possible to be both simple and heartfelt!

A greeting card, whether brought to the reception or mailed before or after the nuptials, is a thoughtful touch that is easy to do.

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With the popularity of online registries, it is increasingly uncommon for guests to bring a gift with them to a wedding, although it certainly still happens. When you send a present in advance, it can be easy to simply leave a little note attached to the order and forget about a proper card. However, a greeting card, whether brought to the reception or mailed before or after the nuptials, is still a thoughtful touch that is easy to do. They don’t have to just be for those who choose to gift cash or a check! Since the purpose of sending a card is to convey your well-wishes, some people feel apprehensive about knowing what exactly to write. Most guests will want to be sincere, but not overly sappy – depending on your relationship to the couple. 

what to write in a wedding card, what should you write in a wedding card?

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While the majority of greeting cards come with a message written inside, social decorum generally dictates that you still need to write more than your name. Some choose to keep it simple and merely write “Congratulations!” or “Best wishes!” and sign their name. If you’re bringing your whole family, it’s easier to pull this off, as multiple names will fill more space; however, it’s likely that you’ll want to be a little more verbose than that. 

It’s important that the message sounds like it’s really coming from you, rather than copied off a website or another greeting card. That way the sentiments will come across as genuine, rather than manufactured. Thus, instead of scripting out options for you to write, we will instead offer beats to hit. 

- Give thanks. It is an honor to be included in someone’s special day, and it’s always nice to have that acknowledged. 

- Best wishes. Some statement of congratulations or wishing the couple well is standard for the occasion. 

- Offer wisdom. If you are already married yourself and have any advice or tips to share, that is a lovely way to round out the message in your card.  

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