What Do You Write in a Thank-You Note When You Get Cash?

"Thanks for the money," just doesn't quite cut it.

Since many people just write a check or put cash in a card for a wedding gift, find out how to politely thank them for their generous monetary gift.

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Contrary to popular belief, married couples do not have a year to send out thank-you notes. That is actually the time frame in which it is acceptable to give a wedding gift. Before the nuptials, a card should be in the mail within two weeks, while presents received on the big day should be acknowledged within three months. This all seems simple enough, and since the majority of gifts will be off the registry, you won’t even have to pretend to appreciate them! 

However, nowadays many people just write a check or put cash in a card. The majority of couples actually greatly appreciates this, and may even choose not to register in order to receive more monetary contributions. After all, more and more sweethearts are living together first, as well as getting married later in life. As a result, the duo may already have high-quality home items with no need to build a collection or upgrade. Yet money is always a touchy subject and no one wants to write or receive a card that simply says, “Thanks for the cash.” 

how to write a thank you note when you're given cash as a wedding gift

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Never mention the amount you were gifted, simply thank your loved one for their generosity. It is usually a nice touch to share how that money will help you, whether you are saving for a house, a honeymoon, or buying new furniture. Mention how wonderful it was to spend time together at the wedding, especially if they are a friend or family member you don’t get to see very often. 

Since a monetary gift isn’t a particularly personal choice – despite being generally very appreciated – it’s nice to acknowledge what did have thought put into it: the card. Perhaps the message, or card itself, features a sweet and touching sentiment from an older married couple whose relationship you admire. Tell them how it made you feel! Or maybe your friend wrote a joke so funny that you spit out some of your mimosa when you read it. Including these details will show your guests that you truly appreciate them – not just their money.