Whimsical Wooden Cake Stands for Nature-Inspired Weddings

Discover some of the most beautiful stands made of natural wood for presenting your wedding cake.

Whimsical Wooden Cake Stands for Nature-Inspired Weddings

Photo: KT Merry Photography

Much thought and consideration will likely go into choosing your perfect wedding-cake design, but have you contemplated the full presentation of your cake? The table that it’s placed on, the lighting that surrounds it, and the stand that holds it aloft will all contribute the ambience of your reception and its décor. Luckily, there are many different ways you can present your wedding cake, including using a trendy wooden cake stand.

From the handsomely carved to the rustically natural, wooden cake stands have become a go-to staple of beautiful cake presentations for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Take a look at the designs we gathered from real weddings below, and see if a tree-trunk disc, Hawaiian stand, or oversized sculpture fits into your vision for a nature-inspired cake presentation. 

Hawaiian wedding cake on wood stand

Photo by Steve Steinhardt

White rustic wedding cake on tree slab

Photo by Catherine Hall Studios

Forest wedding cake on tree trunk slab

Photo by Veronica Varos Photography

Wedding cake on wood LOVE sign

Photo by Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography; Floral Design by Empty Vase

White wedding cake on tree trunk slab at outdoor wedding

Photo by Jose Villa Photography

Wedding cake designed to look like birch tree

Photo by Mischa Photography; Consulting by Levine Fox Events

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