While out one evening, Keith Kirley couldn’t help notice the pretty blonde who had cut in front of him in line. As for Lizzie Bull, she hadn’t expected to make a romantic connection, especially in the most unlikely of places: a Nantucket-themed Mexican restaurant in San Francisco. Later, Keith invented an excuse to approach Lizzie’s table and several hours later, the pair were still happily conversing with one another. “We closed the place down and met the next night for a real date,” Lizzie fondly remembers of the special time. 

Three years later, Lizzie and Keith beamed at each other while standing before 135 of their family and friends for their vow exchange on the grounds of the bride’s parents’ estate in Lake Tahoe, California. Choosing the venue for the celebration had been an easy task for the couple. “[The lush setting] has become a place where we can get out of the city, and has become very special to us both,” explains Lizzie, who also shared her fiancé’s excitement to introduce the property to his family who traveled from the East Coast for the wedding. 

The location itself led the inspiration for the event. “It is so rich in natural beauty that I felt like all of our design choices were just enhancing the beauty that was already there,” says Lizzie. “I didn’t want to add in any additional colors as the greens and browns were already so present.” Aisles were decorated with timeless bunches of hydrangeas and greenery, while long wooden benches offered guests intimate seating and an optimal view of the verdant landscape. Towering trees were adorned with string lights and leafy garlands were arranged around entryways. 

A tented area was unveiled for the reception. Additional twinkling lights, vanilla florals, and greenery decorated the space, which had been designed with an underlying rustic theme. The bride and groom had also created areas for even the youngest guests to feel at home: a kids’ area with personalized coloring books, crayons, and other activities. 

Personal touches were also infused into the big day, beginning with an oyster bar – one of Keith’s favorite foods – during cocktail hour. Before the official cutting of the wedding cake, the family also paid tribute to one special woman. “We ended up getting married on my mother-in-laws 71st birthday, so it was important to us to incorporate her day into our celebration,” explains the bride. Once loved ones completed their dinner – served family style – generous slices of either carrot cake (the groom’s favorite) or confetti cake (the bride’s go-to) were set at each plate. 

The day was filled with beautiful details, sentimental elements, and hosted at a location with great meaning, all of which are important for such a memorable life event. But for the couple, the greatest memory of all was the realization of what was most important on their wedding day. “[For me],” reflects Lizzie, “it wasn’t what my hair looked like, what flowers were on what tables, or what drinks were served when. It was about making the commitment to Keith and getting to marry the most wonderful man.” Well said.