Who Should You Invite to Your Bachelorette Party?

How to know if someone should be on the guest list for this pre-wedding event.

If you still have some concerns you are not sure about, here are our explanations of how brides can handle specific situations.

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Though it is generally the duty of the maid of honor and bridesmaids to plan the bachelorette party, the bride still has influence over the guest list. After all, it’s her night, so she should be able to spend it with those who will make her happy. However, as with seemingly all aspects of wedding planning, there is that pesky thing called etiquette to keep in mind. Fortunately, the bachelorette party is a less-formal event than the bridal shower, as well the actual wedding, of course. More than anything else, the guest list is about whom the bride wants at her event.

If you still have some concerns you are not sure about, below are our explanations of how brides can handle specific situations. 

- Normally, you should not invite anyone to your bachelorette party who isn’t invited to the wedding. However, if you are having a very small destination wedding – for example, a family-only affair – then you can probably get away with inviting some more friends to a girls’ night out. 

- With that said, you absolutely don't have to invite every woman on your guest list. It can be as big or as small of a party as you want. If you wouldn’t hang out with a particular guest one-on-one, they are probably not close enough to invite.

- If you don’t regularly spend time together outside the office, leave your coworker off the guest list. You don’t want to stress out about any “not safe for work” activities. 

- Unless you and your mom are closer than Lorelai and Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls, you might feel a touch awkward having your mother around for potentially raunchy festivities.

- Inviting your fiancé's close female friends or relatives is a lovely gesture for a large party, but unnecessary for an intimate gathering. If any party games of the evening might allude to the discussion of private activities, they also might feel uncomfortable hearing about their friend that way, so keep that in mind.