Why You Should Get to Know Your Wedding Photographer

It's important to not only like their work – but also their personality!

You’ll be spending a full day with them, after all, and you’ll want to make sure you’re both comfortable with each other.

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Photo: Ledia Tashi Photography

One of the most important vendors hired for your wedding day is the photographer. After spending months planning and getting the design just as you’ve always dreamed it would be, the photographer is the one to capture those memories so you’ll have them forever. As much as you love your beautiful centerpieces, the portraits of you and your spouse as newlyweds are what will likely be displayed in your home in the years to come. 

Naturally, it makes sense that when searching for the right wedding photographer, you and your beloved should pore over their portfolio and read reviews to make sure they are a reliable vendor. However, you should think about meeting and spending quality time when looking into potential candidates. “I highly advise a bride to consider how a photographer goes about capturing the images that they see in their portfolio, as that plays a huge part in the images they have to share with you,” suggests John Cain Sargent of John Cain Photography. You’ll be spending a full day with them, after all, and you’ll want to make sure you’re both comfortable with each other. A photographer you don’t mesh with isn’t necessarily bad at their job; it’s just that different people have different styles. A laid-back couple having a more casual wedding may appreciate being able to joke around with their photographer, while those hosting more traditional nuptials could prefer someone with a more businesslike approach. 

Because you won’t have time to meet with every photographer you consider, use their websites and social media as a guide to help narrow down the options. Even if they don’t run their own accounts, they more than likely influence the voice used for their Instagram posts. If you get a bad vibe – even if you love their photos – consider going another way. “Imagine the moment before the doors open and you are standing next to your father anticipating walking down the aisle together – your guests, best friends, mother, and groom are on the other side of the doors waiting to see you. Your photographer is in that room with you,” John points out. “It is a privilege to observe these moments, capture them, and share them with everyone who wasn’t there to see them. Moments like these and many others are a reason why personality should be equal in your mind to their portfolio when considering who to hire.”

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Opening photo by John Cain Photography