Liancarlo Turns Bridal Designs Into Masterpieces for Your Home

Liancarlo Turns Bridal Designs Into Masterpieces for Your Home

Photo: Courtesy of Liancarlo

For Liancarlo founder-and-designer Carlos Ramirez, the making of each bridal dress is truly an art form. With this creative passion in mind, Carlos combined his love of fashion design with his talent for art and began making prints on canvas then finely hand working each piece with oils and varnishes. Carlos' Art Reflects Life blog displays his collection of drawings, painting, and images that comprise his life and serve as inspiration to his designs. We love the beautiful portraits of the brides, of course!

The making of a couture dress can be considered an art form; the process requiring rigorous hours, and genuine talent and craftsmanship. Many Inside Weddings brides choose to wear a couture gown because of these factors. A couture gown means the dress is designed and sewn to a bride's specifications and measurements using the finest of materials. The process is much more complex than trying on sample gowns and having the desired dress altered once it arrives. Editor's Circle member Liancarlo continues to provide innovative design to each of his works, and each of the designer's wedding dresses contains classic couture elements. To learn more about the process of a couture dress, watch The Gown Unveiled: An Inside Look at an American Design House courtesy of Liancarlo, a behind-the-scenes look at a gown from inspiration to photo shoot.

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Click here to watch footage of the construction of a couture bridal dress.

Photo courtesy of Liancarlo