5 Ways to Incorporate Paper Into Your Wedding Décor

Celebrity wedding planner David Tutera offers his tips on paper goods.

5 Ways to Incorporate Paper Into Your Wedding Décor

Photo: Courtesy of David Tutera

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When thinking about utilizing paper for your big day, you are probably primarily considering items like the invitation suite and escort cards. And while those are important aspects when planning for your wedding, there are additional options to add to the décor with paper. With the right shades and high-quality products, this is not a cheap look – it can actually be quite dreamy and charming!

Celebrity wedding planner David Tutera sure thinks so, and he’s offered his tips on how to incorporate this seemingly everyday product into your nuptials. One of his suggestions even helps to make your guests more involved in the celebration, whether you have a huge, lively reception or an intimate ceremony. From the planning process to starting your lives together, the lasting nature of paper allows you to bring your wedding into your home. To find out more, read David Tutera’s advice below:

- Personalize your wedding from the beginning with the save the date. On the card, give some information about the couple that guests would not know. The invitation is the next big moment where the couple can continue to tell their story.

- At the ceremony, add paper cones to the back of every chair with something in them. On the cone is a quote, a story about the couple, or the date of the wedding. Inside, there can be confetti or rose petals to throw at the end of the ceremony.

- Create wish boxes for guests to drop their handwritten, personalized messages and wishes for the happy couple in. The couple will keep the wishes sealed in the box and read them to each other to help celebrate their first “paper” anniversary.

- Use paper flowers as centerpieces or as backdrops to certain parts of the wedding celebration. Paper flowers are a great way to save money and to draw attention and personalization to the newlyweds and the celebration. Couples can save a paper flower from their wedding and frame it as a great paper anniversary present.

- Add to an outdoor celebration with paper lanterns; they are a great focal point and an inexpensive way to bring festivities anywhere.

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