Why You Should Take Dance Lessons Before the Wedding

Discover the benefits of practicing some moves for the big day.

Why You Should Take Dance Lessons Before the Wedding

Photo: Tec Petaja

why you should take dance lessons for your wedding first dance

For a lot of couples, the first dance can be a nerve-racking experience. It seems nearly every pair of sweethearts has someone who feels they have two left feet. Often, people think the solution is to keep the first dance as a married couple simple, by gently swaying back and forth. However, if your song of choice is more than a minute and a half long, that move might start to feel boring – for both you and your guests! Taking dance lessons with your beloved is a great way to form a more memorable and dynamic routine.

It’s common for people to picture elaborate choreographed moves when the idea of dance lessons before a wedding is brought up, but if that’s not your style, it doesn’t have to be the case. An instructor can focus on teaching classic steps that can work for any song – you don’t even have to have picked the tune for your first dance before you start practicing. It may also be helpful to bring in your parents, particularly if there will be a father/daughter, mother/son, or similar dance at your reception. 

You should not procrastinate on making the decision to take dance lessons before getting married since it will take several months to feel comfortable with the moves you learn in classes. If you only practice in the last few weeks before the big day, you’ll lack confidence in the steps you’ve learned and will be better off simply swaying together. However, with proper lessons, you will feel less nervous in the moment while all eyes are on you. Taking dance classes with your future spouse also acts as a built-in date night during the craziness of wedding planning, especially if you pair the lesson with dinner or drinks. You’ll also experience the added benefit of staying fit and reducing your stress levels – dancing is a form of exercise, after all. 

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