How to Pick the Right Honeymoon Destination

Not every location is right for every couple.

Often distance and weather is a huge factor in deciding where the romantic vacation should be, but figuring out what kind of trip you want is important as well.

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As fun and exciting as the wedding day is, for many couples the real celebration starts with the honeymoon. Often distance and weather is a huge factor in deciding where the romantic vacation should be, but figuring out what kind of trip you want is important as well. On a similar note, sweethearts who have already traveled the world together will have different desires for their honeymoon than a pair that has not shared any journeys together. Get suggestions below by figuring out which category best applies to you and your beloved. 

how to pick a honeymoon destination, what honeymoon location is right for you?

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For the adventurous: 

Consider a safari honeymoon in South Africa, Tanzania, or Kenya to see wild animals in their natural habitats. Go canyoning in Switzerland or ski in the Alps. New Zealand is well known for the thrill-seeking adventures in the small island nation, from skydiving to bungee jumping to all sorts of water sports.

For those ready to relax:

Island destinations such as the Maldives, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Fiji, and Bali are among the best options for couples who just want to lie on the beach and let the stress of wedding planning wash away. For a shorter flight, island nations in the Caribbean are great options. 

For the trend setters: 

Though African destinations have become more common, Mozambique is a beach destination that you’re not already seeing all over Instagram. South America isn’t always thought of, with its central counterpart considered to have more beaches and Europe viewed as more cosmopolitan, but Argentina has great food and stunning views of mountains and waterfalls. Sri Lanka may not top many bucket lists at the moent, but we predict that will change in the next couple years.

For the epicures: 

Among Europe, Italy and France have long been considered the height of cuisine, and their respective coasts and countryside make for perfectly romantic honeymoon destinations. Obviously sushi lovers yearn to visit Japan, but the country is host to numerous Michelin-starred restaurants that go beyond sashimi. Thailand and Vietnam are also countries with lauded cuisine to satiate your taste buds, through both simple street stalls and elegant restaurants.

For those who need to compromise:

Within a pair of lovebirds you might get one person who wants to be active and explore a new place, while another simply wants to relax. Hawaii and Costa Rica are both great options for this, as the islands include beautiful beaches as well as hiking trails through jungles. 

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