Planning Your Honeymoon While Organizing Your Wedding

Tips on how to arrange both special occasions simultaneously.

Whether you just got engaged, or are months, even weeks, away from the wedding, honeymoon planning is probably another detail weighing heavily on you. Get tips for planning this vacation!

Photo: Stanley Babb

Whether you just got engaged, or are months, even weeks, away from the wedding, honeymoon planning is probably another detail weighing heavily on you. Traditionally, the groom was responsible for the honeymoon; however in more recent times, both the bride and groom enjoy crafting out their experience after the big day as a team.

Sure, the honeymoon is an exciting part of the engagement and a significant event to look forward to following the wedding, but maybe you haven’t started making arrangements for the trip because you’ve been so busy with your nuptials, or you just cannot find the time to efficiently organize your travels at the same time. Lots of couples face this dilemma, but there are ways to accomplish this seemingly impossible task. To avoid stress or eliminate some anxiety that is currently weighing on you, consider these suggestions to maintain your sanity and ensure that both occasions are perfectly planned.

Honeymoon venue location in Mexico

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- Where to vacation. Just as you did when deciding on the wedding theme or color scheme, you’ll want to sit down together and think about what you envision for your dream getaway. Do you both want to sit on a deserted beach in Fiji or is exploring the towns of Peru more your type of itinerary? Maybe you compromise and split up the trip: one week of exploration and exhilirating activities and the following week, you sit poolside sunbathing.

- Set a spending limit. As for most celebrations, you need to set a budget and a honeymoon is no different. You’ll need to factor in airport shuttles, flights, local transportation, activities, food, and drinks – even a separate category for tipping.

- Try to do something everyday. Whether it’s crafting your favors or simply researching resorts, a little goes a long way when juggling a long list of to dos for both the wedding and the honeymoon. It’s a step-by-step process, so pace yourself and do what you can each day to prevent yourself from becoming stressed and overwhelmed.

- Split up the work. Confide in your fiancé about your wants and needs and have him or her work on something from the list. Maybe your fiancé is great at budgeting, figuring out which flights work best in a different time zone, or researching the best resorts with water activities. If both of you feel you need further assistance, ask a friend or relative to join in on the process. After all, your loved ones are excited to celebrate you.

- Consult with a travel agent. If you have never planned a trip before or need help organizing complicated or specific details for the honeymoon, ask a reputable travel agent for advice. Their job is to ensure your traveling experience is perfect, so consider their input and never hesitate to ask questions.

- Take time for yourself. Like many couples, you may find yourself exhausted or lacking motivation at some point. This is the best time to relax, unwind, and not think about planning at all. Go on a date, visit family and friends, or simply just rest. You will have everything completed eventually, and sometimes, you just need to focus on the two of you.

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