How to Pick a Honeymoon Location

There are so many travel spots to choose from.

While not every couple enjoys planning their wedding, most people at least get excited to organize the honeymoon!

Photo: Corbin Gurkin Photography

While not every couple enjoys planning their wedding, most people at least get excited to organize the honeymoon! However, just like your big day is supposed to be a fun celebration of your love that can still fill you with stress, making decisions for a honeymoon can be overwhelming. There is an entire world out there to see, so it can feel impossible to decide.

First, it’s important to get on the same page as your partner. If one of you is imagining laying out on the beach and the other is looking forward to touring historical sites, it can be tough to come to an agreement. Consider visiting multiple locations in the same general region in order to satisfy both of your desires for the trip. There may also be an imbalance of experience if one of you has already traveled the world and the other has never left the country. Do you want to go somewhere entirely new or do you want to visit a place where you may have been?

how to decide where to go on your honeymoon

Photo by Maitha Lunde

Though this may seem obvious, it’s important to remind yourself that this will not be the only vacation you’ll ever go on. If this is your first big vacation, it may feel like you have to cover everything on your bucket list. Try to relax and instead imagine all the places you’ll get to visit on future trips. Narrow your list down based on what location will offer the experience you always imagined having on your honeymoon. 

Whether you’re planning to go off on your journey within a week of saying “I do” or you’re waiting to jet off a little later, weather should be a factor in deciding where to go. Some places are beautiful year-round, but many tropical hot spots have rainy seasons you’ll likely want to avoid. If you’ve dreamed of Europe, but also want warm weather, a fall vacation may not suit Ireland or France, but Spain or Italy could still offer what you’re looking for. Do you find a winter wonderland to be the most romantic? Make sure to find a location that consistently has snowfall during the time you’ll be there. 

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