The Best Honeymoon Locations for Spring & Summer Weddings

Beat the heat with these faraway destinations.

The Best Honeymoon Locations for Spring & Summer Weddings

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best honeymoon destinations for the spring and summer

Summer and spring are consistently the most popular times of the year to get married, especially with the increasing popularity of outdoor ceremonies. One might think that also makes for these warmer months to be the best time of the year to honeymoon, but depending on the location, the weather may be stifling hot, or it could even be monsoon season! Not to mention that in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are completely different, which can throw people off from their dream destination.

Given the importance of weather when picking the perfect locale, we’ve asked Tom Marchant of Black Tomato, a luxury travel company with a month-by-month guide for travel spots, to share his thoughts on the best honeymoon locations for each of the spring and summer months. 


Iceland - Iceland is a great destination for adventurous couples who are looking for something a little different than the standard honeymoon. In March, travelers can still spot the Northern Lights that are the ultimate bucket-list experience, and the climate will be getting milder during this time. 

Vietnam and Cambodia - Another great destination is both Vietnam and Cambodia, which offers a unique combination of spiritual temples, amazing beaches, and some of the best and freshest culinary experiences.


Italy - Possibly the most romantic country in the world, Italy makes for a wonderful honeymoon – we love to arrange a whirlwind experience sampling the delights of Venezia, Roma, and Firenze, where guests can get a taste of this culturally rich and passionate country in true style with exclusive behind-the-scenes access to some of the most highly acclaimed museums and galleries in the world. 

Japan - Japan is a great destination for honeymoons in April, as the blossoms on the cherry trees are in full bloom across the country. Here, newlyweds can experience the majesty of Kyoto, the modern hub of Tokyo, and all the temples and splendor in between. 

Chile - As it’s toward the end of their summer, April is a great time to visit the country for a luxury honeymoon. Couples can look forward to riding out on horseback in Patagonia and soaring over the Atacama Desert on a romantic hot air balloon ride.


Morocco - Morocco during the month of May is a great option for a romantic and intrepid honeymoon. Before the summer heat gets too intense, guests can relax in style at one of our favorite Riad hideaways. We’ll take travelers on a tour though the cities' souks to experience the colors and sounds of the European, African, and Arabic influences. 

Oman and the Maldives - Oman and the Maldives is another great combination for a luxurious and adventurous honeymoon, which combines mountains and desert camping with the blissful atolls of the Maldives.


Botswana - During the month of May, Botswana’s incredible Okavango Delta comes alive as the waters flood in, giving life to the region. From one of our favorite spots, the Eagle Island Lodge, honeymooners can head off on a romantic and thrilling safari on the water as well as on land. From mainland Africa guests can fly over to Mauritius for some beachside bliss at a luxury resort. 

California and Bora Bora - For the ultimate road trip and island beach break we love a classic California beach vacation twinned with Bora Bora. After cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway for a mini-moon, newlyweds can enjoy secluded island life in French Polynesia.   


British Columbia, Canada - Canada is perfect for a honeymoon during the summer months with many experiences to suit the most laid-back or thrill-seeking couples. We love the west coast and Vancouver island where guests can spot whales and bears from the coast, and enjoy private sleep outs on top of a secluded mountain – complete with helicopter flight, private chef, and masseur.

Bali - Another favorite for summer honeymoons is Indonesia and the island of Bali known for its untouched beaches, tradition, culture, and luxurious hideaways. 

Mozambique - For an African beach escape, head to the shores of Mozambique where you can sail the crystal waters to spot whales and dolphins as well as explore deserted sand banks.


Tanzania and Zanzibar - These locales make for the perfect African honeymoon during the month of August. In Tanzania, newlyweds can explore the savannahs that teem with life during the annual migration, and then hop over to the island of Zanzibar where they can explore Stone Town and the idyllic beaches. 

Borneo - The wild jungles and islands of Borneo make for another perfect August honeymoon with incredible experiences, such as interacting with orangutans and trekking to view other amazing local flora and fauna.  

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