Wedding Registry: How to Shop for Bedding

Discover helpful tips from our registry expert Dean Driver of Consilium Lifestyle Collections.

Wedding Registry: How to Shop for Bedding

Photo: Courtesy of Anichini Enlightened Luxury

When an engaged couple begins to build a new home together, finding bedding you both love can be a difficult task. However, it's important not to shy away from the challenge by just picking the first bedding set you see.

The bed is the focal point of a master bedroom – not to mention, comfortable sheets can be key to a good night's sleep. If you're still sleeping on your post-college bargain bedding, learn how to upgrade your sleeping quarters with this interview with Editors Circle member and our registry expert, Dean Driver of Consilium Lifestyle Collections. 

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Photo courtesy of Anichini Enlightened Luxury

Inside Weddings: What styles would you recommend for a gender-neutral look?

Dean Driver: Gender-neutral looks can be achieved in a variety of ways: There is nothing quite as comforting as crisp white linens. Earthy natural colors can also create this look and both these and pure white can move with the couple if they are not settled in a permanent location where they really want to decorate. But, bold geometrics are also a great option here. There are so many colorful choices in geometric patterns that go from traditional to contemporary. Most importantly, don't completely rule out floral patterns. Not all floral patterns are feminine. Sure, we all know the pretty floral patterns in pink and lavender but there are many bolder, more contemporary floral designs in rich deep colors that work for both women and men. 

IW: Have you noticed any current trends for bedding?

DD: My mantra on trends is always, "Don't follow trends: Create your own." That being said, I think the biggest trend that I am seeing is that more people are discovering the pleasures and importance of having nice linens to sleep on.

IW: How many pillows can a bed feature before it's considered going overboard?

DD: I am not sure there is a definitive answer to that. If you are going for a sleek contemporary look, then limit the number of accent pillows. A traditional English or French Country look can take a lot more.

IW: What is the most important factor for couples to consider while shopping for bedding?

DD: There are so many factors involved in purchasing bedding. My advice would be to use a store or website where an expert can talk you through all of the choices in fabrics (percale vs. sateen), designs, custom options, etc.

IW: How do you recommend using bedding to transition between seasons?

DD: It was very popular in ages past to have both winter and summer bed linens. As we have streamlined our lifestyles, this custom fell out of fashion. I think it is one that needs to make a comeback. There are many ways to do this without buying a whole new bedding ensemble. For example, a good mid-weight comforter can easily transition between seasons by simply changing from a heavier winter cover to lighter cotton or linen for summer. The same goes for pillow shams.

IW: What is the best method for caring for bedding?

DD: Always follow the manufacturer's instructions. When in doubt seek the advice of your dry cleaner.

IW: How often should bedding be replaced?

DD: Pillows should be replaced every two to three years. The other bedding elements really depend on the quality of the fabrics. Good quality sheets last a lot longer.

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